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Police: Fight leads to Durham man's death

Posted October 3, 2011

— Police said Monday that a Friday night fight resulted in the death of a Durham man.

William Alan Green, 26, of Morreene Road, died at Duke University Hospital on Saturday morning after being shot shortly after 9:30 p.m. Friday, police said.

Green and a friend were driving around and got into an argument with someone near the intersection of Sima Drive and Ridgeway Avenue, police said. After shots were fired, the two men drove off and sought help near North Carolina Central University.

No other details were released, but police said they don't believe the shooting was random.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Durham police at 919-560-4440, extension 29335, or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.


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  • kellypsnll Oct 4, 2011

    I may not have known William. But I do know his dad. And I am really saddened at the comments people are posting. A young life is gone, never to return home. Some of you people are insensitive and ignorant. Don't just assume what happened if you were not there. It could have been your son. If he was half the man his father is, he is better than most. I'm sorry for the families of all involved.

  • jstewartnc Oct 4, 2011

    The crime stats posted below are bogus... actual stats are available at:

  • btneast Oct 4, 2011

    Things like this happen ALOT in Durham, not just anywhere and anyplace. Ask the police there, they are always getting shot at. ... it gets reported 'sometimes'.

    ...that is true, but a lot happens in the night time in other cities too that would alrm many folks. Durham does have a bad reputation. It is becoming a better place, but still has a ways to go. you can't compare Durham to Raleigh or Cary, they are different in so many ways. To those of you Durham lovers that don't understand why the bad rep....it goes back way longer than most of you have been alive. It's more than just crime statistics. Not enough space to do it justice here. Class issues, race issues, opportunity isses, political issues from many, many years past. Some of it is self inflicted , some not.

  • stormtrooper76 Oct 4, 2011

    Local current crime statistics:

    Raleigh - 34 murders - population 393,866

    Rate of murder per 1000 persons .09 percent

    Durham - 24 murders - population 223,331

    Rate of murder per 1000 persons .11 percent

    Not that much difference there folks. So I guess Raleigh is also a crime riddled city like Durham is. Raleigh is just as unsafe as Durham, who would have thought? I guess it's a culture thing as another post has mentioned.

  • iron fist Oct 4, 2011

    atalost are you in the Durham county jail? If not why are still living in Durham if it is so bad. Durham is no worse then Raleigh or Cary we just get more bad press

  • Jack Flash Oct 4, 2011

    Very sorry for your daughter's loss, suzzann, and most of all for the young man's life.

    I live in Durham and love it. I can be honest about its problems, but in the context of working to improve it. I get the impression here that some people actually hope for Durham to struggle, based on the glee they seem to get from bad-mouthing it w/ no constructive purpose every time an incident like this occurs.

  • allie19 Oct 4, 2011

    suzzann1- I am sorry for your loss. I think when it is an everyday occurrence that someone is shot in Durham, as ugly as it may be, people kind of just turn their heads and ignore it. These are real lives being lost every single day, families are being touched by violence, and a lot of good people are lost for no reason. What outsiders see is police corruption over and over again, support for people like Crystal Mangum from leadership, corrupt leadership that changes and is then corrupt again, gang shootings every day, and the list goes on. That is why I do not want to live in Durham. What people MISS, is the medicine, the arts, the cafes, the museums and ballparks. Those are the good things about Durham. The scary thing is that any of those good things can be ended by a stray bullet or a gang initiation. That is what keeps many of us away, pointless violence by mostly young men that just don't care. You're loss is important and may God bless your family and heal your daughter as only

  • pulstar40 Oct 4, 2011

    Yes, things do happen everywhere and anywhere, but it seems like folks just shrug and accept it. When are we as a society going to put our foot down and say "enough is enough and NO MORE." I am sorry suzzann1 for the loss you and your daughter are experiencing. And why lineofduty are shootings at police officers only reported "sometimes?" There is no hope for change if things are kept hidden.

  • kbrianf Oct 4, 2011

    You're right, suzzan1. I and others often forget the people at the center of the story and begin debating other things. I'm sorry for the loss of life and for the pain it is causing those involved.

  • allie19 Oct 4, 2011

    Definately, a city that you SHOULD be proud of! Please stay and keep making it better.