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Police: Ex-Durham cop tried to kill himself after stabbing wife

Posted November 13, 2013

Timothy W. Burns

— A former Durham police officer charged with killing his wife last week also tried to commit suicide, police said Wednesday.

Maxine Burns, 50, was found stabbed to death Friday night inside her home at 2917 Cedarwood Drive in south Durham.

Her husband, Timothy W. Burns, was taken from the house and was hospitalized for several days. He was released from the hospital Tuesday and was charged with first-degree murder in his wife's death.

Tim Burns was being held without bond Wednesday in the Durham County jail.

Kammie Michael, a spokeswoman for the Durham Police Department, said Tim Burns was hospitalized for "what appeared to be an apparent failed suicide attempt." He didn't have any stab wounds, she said, but didn't elaborate on his injuries.

He is a retired police officer who left the Durham Police Department in the late 1990s after about 15 years of service, officials said.


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  • runurse01 Nov 14, 2013

    Really 678devlish? That was the most absurd and immature comment I might have read on here. What a disrespectful thing to say and judgmental for that line of work. I respect what our officers do everyday and can't imagine people who don't. I am not able to do their job so my respect for our officers, such a tragic story all around for this couple and their family!

  • LetsBeFair Nov 13, 2013

    This will be an interesting trial. 1st Degree murder is certainly in the deep end of the pool.

  • LetsBeFair Nov 13, 2013

    no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. This is awful for everyone involved.

  • 678devilish Nov 13, 2013

    Never be involved with a cop. Seems like many are turning out to be killers. Womem be aware; double time. Stay away from them. Always remember Drew Peterson, Ohio.

  • Glass Half Full Nov 13, 2013

    A man with 15 years law enforcement experience fails at committing suicide but succeeds at committing murder. Looks like he's setting the stage for an insanity defense; he never meant to kill himself, just get away with killing his wife.

  • 678devilish Nov 13, 2013

    They take him to the hospital

    Medical people are always there to save a life; not take them, regardless of the circumstances.

  • 678devilish Nov 13, 2013

    So glad that he did not succeed in taking his life. I pray the courts will give this coward life in prison and no parole, ever.

  • Obamacare for one and all Nov 13, 2013

    Who cares...

  • monami Nov 13, 2013

    Isn't it ironic? They take him to the hospital after his attempted suicide to save him so that we can prosecute him and lock him up forever.

  • Mo Blues Nov 13, 2013

    What? No AR-15 or hi-cap magazines? What's murder coming to these days?

    It says this guy RETIRED after about 15 years service. Nice government job protecting the people...

    Poor woman....