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Police: Clayton boy made up kidnapping story

Posted April 19, 2010

— Police said Monday that an 11-year-old Clayton boy made up a story about an attempted abduction.

The boy told police he was jogging Thursday evening when a man waved him down near the intersection of Collinsworth Drive and Swain Trail in the Riverwood subdivision. The boy said the man put his hand on his shoulder and threatened to harm him unless he went with the man into some nearby woods.

The boy told police he ran from the man and escaped unharmed, and he provided police a vague description of the man.

Police said further investigation showed that the boy was seen playing in the area about an hour before sunset Thursday, which contradicts his story. Other evidence also supported the belief that the abduction story was unfounded, police said.

Investigators discussed the case with the boy's guardians, and they don't plan to file charges against the boy.


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  • o.good.grief Apr 21, 2010

    last time I checked, being in a NICE neighborhood does not mean that crime is not going to be present. That's just naive. I have several friends in Riverwood who have had their property vandalized. I have seen teenagers brazenly smoking in front of, and behind, the market. The jogging paths are unsupervised hangouts for adolescents. Please give me a break about the neighborhood being so NICE that bad things "just don't happen in Riverwood".

    And fyi, I think the guardians in this case ARE the parents.

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Apr 19, 2010

    why 'waste money' by putting him on probation? he wasted the community's time by filing a false report, why not waste some of HIS time with some good ol' fashion community service? the kid apparently doesnt even live with his parents, given the article said his GUARDIANS were contacted....maybe his missing parents and his lacking 'guardians' are the reason the kid is crying for help in the first place. if a kid has to fake a kidnapping to get attention, he's probably not going to get discipline he needs, either.

    bill, riverwood IS a nice community. i'm sad the deal on a house i was going to purchase out there fell through. its silly to blame a neighborhood on trampy girls and teenage pregnancy. that happens everywhere. its not the neighborhood, its a sign of the times, sadly. besides, i don't really recall any news stories of adolescents being abducted by trampy teens and their boyfriends, so that topic is unrelated.

  • twc Apr 19, 2010

    Yeah, let's waste some money by putting him on probation. That way we won't have to use all on repeat offenders for drugs, b&e, assault, etc.

    I'm pretty certain he won't be having such a nice time at home.

  • billhawkin Apr 19, 2010

    Please do not start this non-sense mess in my neck of the woods. I wouldn’t put nothing past these undisciplined children that live in this neighborhood. All you hear talk about is how good of a neighborhood this is, “but everything that glitters isn’t gold.” Just drive by and take a look at how these suppose to be children interact w/t each other once school is out. You would think you’re on a college campus the way these young adolescent children are dressing…..and we wonder why teenage pregnancy is on the rise. Parents please get in tuned w/t your children before something of this nature really happens.

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Apr 19, 2010

    i doubt he was spared charges because of the niceness of his neighborhood. my details of this place were strictly in response to the folks showing such great concern that a middle schooler was jogging alone in his neighborhood. 11 isn't so young that a kid needs constant supervision to play in his neighborhood, especially a nice, higher income neighborhood such as this one.

    i do find it odd he isnt being charged with filing a false report though. i dont want to see the kid hung, but he did break the law (by filing a false report), and he should be held accountable for it.

  • twc Apr 19, 2010

    My first thought was this story was not real. 11-year-olds do some things sometimes that require understanding--not execution.

    For all y'all that would hang him, try to remember the type of punishment you would have received at 11 years old. How many times have you made up a story to stay out of trouble?

  • ctechic2004 Apr 19, 2010

    Why wasn't he charged with filing a false report? Was it because he is from such a "nice" neighborhood, or he was just misunderstood, looking for attention? If the child had been from the "wrong" side of town, the police would have charged him.

  • Desiderata Apr 19, 2010

    he needs his rear reddened! No way this should go unpunished..

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Apr 19, 2010

    for those of you complaining that an 11 year old shouldn't be out alone.....Riverwood is a NICE subdivision, complete with a rec center, lots of amenities, the elementary school is right there inside the neighborhood as well. it's a safe area....as demonstrated by this false report.

  • ConservativeAndProud Apr 19, 2010

    So many people are so quick to punish...Doesn't anyone else see that this is probably a cry for attention and something much greater is wrong than just needing your whooping. Everything should have consequences, but maybe try to find out why an 11 year old boy is making up lies, especially something like this that garners attention from others. Instead of going straight for the punishment, how about taking some time with your children and finding out if there are other problems. Doesn't anyone on here remember what it was like to be a kid? I was spanked as a kid and I know that a little spanking never hurt anyone, but everyone on here jumping to that, like that is going to fix what is wrong, you are delusional.