Planned Dix park picks up another donation

Posted February 1, 2013

— Plans to convert the former Dorothea Dix Hospital property into a major park near downtown Raleigh picked up some support this week.

Businessman Gregory Poole III donated $250,000 to a fund that park boosters are putting together to help Raleigh develop a master plan for the project.

"As a business owner, I look for ways to give back to the community," Poole said. "This is an opportunity to invest in something that will be here a long, long time."

Raleigh last month signed a lease of up to 99 years for the 325-acre state property.

Poole leads Dix Visionaries, a group that wants to raise $3 million for the master plan. The A.J. Fletcher Foundation committed $1 million toward the planning effort in December. The foundation is led by Jim Goodmon, chief executive of Capitol Broadcasting Co., the parent company of WRAL, and his wife, Barbara Goodmon.

Poole said he hopes his gift will spur other donations.

"It will foster a park that will create an economic engine for the surrounding areas," he said. "That will drive jobs. It will drive a larger tax base, that will drive where Fortune 500 CEOs are looking for places to expand or move their business. It will be vital for that."


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  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Feb 6, 2013

    "I wish people would give such good donations to more important things like open another mental health hospital etc. Twittyfan"

    How do you know that Gregory Poole and the Fletcher Foundation DON'T give money to other important causes? Do you see their tax returns?

    I think one of the things that makes Raleigh great is their concern for the parks and greenway trails and to some of us those things are also important.

  • jeffdewitt Feb 6, 2013

    If Mr. Poole's projects benefit by Dix Park his donation is an example of enlightened self interest... which is a very good thing indeed.

    For myself I live on the other side of Garner but look forward to visiting Dix park.

  • peace2u Feb 6, 2013

    Thank you, Mr. Poole, for your generous donation! Pullen Park is overflowing and the Dix property, right across the street, is a natural choice for more park space for locals and visitors.

  • TVs_Deceit Feb 1, 2013

    monkeyboy: "no houses, no condos, no townhomes or apartments, no shopping centers. explain the 'greed' to me."

    You must have missed Gov Bev's meeting when this park approved. It was mentioned that MILLIONS of dollars of development AROUND the park had already been committed to. Only stipulation being that the park had to be approved.

    That's just for starters. They envision highrises overlooking the park ect ect. The park is the centerpiece for the development.. that's why developers like Poole pushed so hard for it.

    Not in the park.. AROUND the park. Green space my knee.. follow the money.

  • monkeyboy Feb 1, 2013

    @streetglide: exactly how is this based on 'greed'? the land is marked for a PARK for all of the people of raleigh, not to be bulldozed and built on willy-nilly. there may be some development, the majority of it buildings already agreed upon for the state health department, the rest for infrastructure to support the park itself. but this is not a for-profit development - no houses, no condos, no townhomes or apartments, no shopping centers. explain the 'greed' to me.

  • monkeyboy Feb 1, 2013

    @ tv_d_set: so you're saying that being housed across from central prison, home of death row and those sentenced to life in prison for violent crimes, is somehow preferably to being in the same town as a low- to middle-security federal prison? wow.

    as for 'the middle of nowhere', if they're getting care, what difference does it make where it is? cars, buses, vans, trains can all travel to butner, same as raleigh. were the ill planning on going out clubbing on friday nights, hitting up the farmers market on the weekend, getting some shopping done at the mall in the evenings?

    oh, and i won't try to fool anyone - those neighborhoods around the park are going to see a major transformation. not much can be done to stop that now...

  • streetglide Feb 1, 2013

    monkeyboy,, follow the money then I will support you input,, but for now,,this is being based on greed and nothing but!!
    yea,, differnt part of the sate,, "out of the way" right?? everyone has a point,listen and learn!!

  • streetglide Feb 1, 2013

    Provide it to the Mentally Ill and Dis-abled,, they are about to become Homelesss because of this park... which makes money and they did not,, selling our souls for greed and blame our probelms on something or someone else..Follow the money people!!

  • TVs_Deceit Feb 1, 2013

    monkeyboy: "the mentally ill are not being kicked into the freakin' street - they're just in a different part of the state."

    Yeah, far far away in the middle of nowhere close to a federal prison. Where they won't interfere with development and the rich don't have to look at them in their neighborhood.

    Since you know what's going on.. what do you think they'll come up with to get rid of the rundown houses and poor people around there?

  • mayra0313 Feb 1, 2013

    I wish people would give such good donations to more important things like open another mental health hospital etc. Twittyfan

    That's exactly right!!!!!