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Pit Bull Attacks UPS Driver

Posted July 24, 2007

— A pit bull attacked a United Parcel Service deliveryman at a home in Orange County early Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

The attack happened as the UPS worker delivered a package to a home on East Lebanon Road, northwest of Hillsborough, said sheriff's deputies.

The injured man was taken to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill. The extent of his injuries was unknown, officials said.

Orange County Animal Control workers said they seized the dog and would quarantine it for at least 10 days to determine if it has rabies.

The dog's owner wasn't home at the time of the attack, but has been cooperating, said officials.

Animal control officers and deputies are continuing to investigate to decide the fate of the dog and whether any action should be taken against the owner.


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  • All child molesters should die Jul 25, 2007

    Was the dog fenced, leashed? Was the dog loose? IMO, the owners are liable, IF the dog was not properly contained.

    Hope the UPS driver recovers ok.

    I also feel badly for the dog, too. He was probably protecting his property (territory), and can you blame him? No.

    I hope he was up to date on his rabies...........

  • ladyblue Jul 25, 2007

    Rockenhorse- I too would not have a collar on my dog if I kept it confined in a fence with a lock on the entrance so no UPS man can get in my yard without someone being there or some kid coming by and opening the gate. People who chain them have never seen one electrocuted by lighting or they'd find a different method than chaining them up.

  • iamforjustice Jul 25, 2007

    dogs in Efland I mean

  • iamforjustice Jul 25, 2007

    There are really real homes in Efland? You are goshing me!!! Not all homes in Efland are trailers? I bet there are lots of gods in Efland.

  • orangecountymom Jul 25, 2007

    I live in Efland and I will take living in Efland anyday over living in Raleigh and Cary...and I don't live in a trailer park..I don't have to look out my window and see what the next door neighbor is doing 10feet away.....

  • The Legend of Mike Hunt Jul 25, 2007

    Efland?? Why is UPS delievering in a trailor Park???

  • MR EVANS Jul 25, 2007

    There are more animal lovers than people lovers. Somehow this will be the UPS drivers fault.

  • CuriousT Jul 25, 2007

    Every animal, no matter the breed should have a GOOD HOME. That means a home where they receive not only the basics of food and shelter, but also ATTENTION. Owning a dog that stays in the yard by itself is my idea of a prison as they are GENERALLY ignored by their owners. Making sure that you socialize your dog and teach it to behave is also an owner's responsibility. You wouldn't believe the number of people that yell at/beat an animal just because it doesn't behave, but the owner MADE NO EFFORT to teach these skills either. I'm not making any assumptions as to how this particular instance happened. This is just a comment on how some of these situations develop.

  • jennhughes84 Jul 25, 2007

    If this would have been any other dog would it have made the news? Heck no it would have not made the news! My father is a UPS driver and he comes home telling us about drivers who have been bit by ANY type of dog that day. If that was the case there would be a story on wral every night about a UPS driver being bit by a dog.

  • Halyard Jul 25, 2007

    To Stephen: Stereo typing IS wrong but like Steve Crisp said, its a good rule of thumb. (but you certainly don't have to follow it)