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Pigs that escaped on I-40 won't avoid auction block

Posted May 10, 2011
Updated May 26, 2011

— The five pigs that fell out of a truck and got loose on Interstate 40 in Durham County in March remain unclaimed. If no one comes forward by the end of the month, they will be auctioned to the highest bidder, according to their keepers at the Durham Animal Control Shelter.

The pigs caused delays on I-40 during the morning rush hour March 30, when drivers spotted them running scared in the roadway. No people or pigs were injured before police managed to round them up and hold them in patrol cars until animal control officers arrived.

Shelter manager Shafonda Price said the pigs, estimated at 40-60 pounds at the time of their capture, have been thriving and growing while they are being held in Durham.


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  • SisterChristian May 18, 2011

    Let these babies get to a sanctuary and live the rest of their lives out in peace. Only speaking for myself, when I used to take that commute to work I would get so upset when these trucks would pass by crammed with baby pigs that could hardly breathe and move. Poor babies! They were running for their lives and did not want to be slaughtered or crammed in one of those stalls. See "Mercy for Animals" on what a lot do to these innocent creatures. It surely turned me into a vegetarian. Not all treat their farm animals badly but a lot do. Also check out Conklin Farm abuse. LET THESE BABIES LIVE IN A PIG SANCTUARY.

  • gsutton May 11, 2011

    Pigs are smarter than most people - let them live in peace

  • tobywilliamson58 May 11, 2011

    Why is this still news? Nobody wants these animals, unless they are put on a cooker!!

  • jjwood2424 May 10, 2011

    Who cares about pigs??? Please put news up here that people really want to read about!!

  • The Deadhead May 10, 2011

    ". . .while they are being held in Durham."

    How about held in "captivity?"

  • cjpaige May 10, 2011

    Everyone can rest assured that these pigs are going to auction, as required by law, but will not be slaughtered. There are several rescue groups willing to bid on these pigs to give them a wonderful home on a farm.

  • hollylama May 10, 2011

    If they were goats I'd get one.

  • Weetie May 10, 2011

    Road hogs?? LOL

  • cariannestanley May 10, 2011

    Who's to say if the person who owned them would get a ticket. Possibly the person's pig carrier just broken open. That wouldn't be a failure to secure his load, I can't imagine. The money it's probably cost to feed those piggies has probably been astronomical! More than a ticket, I suspect.

  • cariannestanley May 10, 2011

    I can't imagine that whoever dumped those pigs hasn't figured it out or realized that they have lost them. I can't imagine that they wouldn't want to claim them, if nothing but for the money. Strange. I guess they'll be sausage for someone.....unfortunately. I would take them but I don't believe our HOA would find that too amusing!