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Phoenix Officials Propose MLK Honors

Posted February 2, 2014

Civil rights icon Martin Luther King was cut down far too early -- and cities across the country honor his legacy with statues, parks, and other commemorative locales. Many major cities in the US have a Martin Luther King Street, Boulevard, or other significant thoroughfare (though tragically many such streets become maps of injustice), and Phoenix wants to join them. While it has a King Street, the street is a small and relatively insignificant alley, and some civic leaders think that's simply not enough.

Their quest to rename a major street could take months or years before any resolution is obtained, and the community response is already mixed. If the change does go through, hopefully it will be part of a larger civil planning measure that includes improvements to accessibility, better bikelines, and more measures to make Phoenix a foot and cycle friendly community -- Phoenix concrete contractors will appreciate the work!

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