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Perdue seeks to preserve e-mails, disclose consultants

Posted July 8, 2009

Gov. Beverly Perdue on Wednesday signed executive orders requiring the preservation of government e-mails and the disclosure of economic development consultants.

“These executive orders further expand on two hallmarks of my administration – transparency and accountability,” Perdue said in a statement. “Only when the doors of government are open wide and the sun truly shines in can we be sure that our government by the people is working for the people.”

Executive Order 17 directs the state Department of Commerce to report the names of economic development consultants who seek benefits from the state's industrial recruitment incentives programs.

Executive Order 18 requires that executive branch e-mails to and from state government accounts be archived as public records for 10 years. State workers must keep all e-mails they send for 24 hours so the messages can be copied to back-up tapes. All incoming e-mails also must be saved for 24 hours unless they aren't clearly related to state business.


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  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jul 9, 2009

    Not that this bill is a bad idea...... but this is EXACTLY what people mean when politicians change like the wind depending on the polls and what's hot. This is totally related to the NC State/Easley scandal. She's trying to benefit off of the current press.

  • WHEEL Jul 9, 2009

    If her performance so far is mirrowed by her "E" mails there should be no problem hand writing the necessary copies.

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Jul 9, 2009

    I don't think e-mails are the problem in government...

  • mondosinistro Jul 9, 2009

    I, too, have always wondered why individuals need to do anything about saving their e-mail, when it all goes through central servers anyway (as does anyone's e-mail BTW). I believe "Duh" is the applicable term here.

  • RonnieR Jul 8, 2009

    I think they don't so it in real time so that personal messages won't be saved. Yeg, I know there aren't supposed to be any, but there are some.

  • whatelseisnew Jul 8, 2009

    Heck why even have their own email system. They could use Yahoo Mail.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 8, 2009

    "State workers must keep all e-mails they send for 24 hours so the messages can be copied to back-up tapes."

    For those who are techically challenged at ITS on Wake Forest Road in Raleigh, there are appliances that you can purchase that will capture all e-mails and save them.

    These have been around for several years. I had a client purchase one of these in 2006 and they weren't considered new technology at that time.

  • Alexia.1 Jul 8, 2009

    "State workers must keep all e-mails they send for 24 hours so the messages can be copied to back-up tapes."

    Oh, that is funny. They want to replicate all incoming and outgoing email, yet apparently do not have the wherewithal to actually do it in real-time. So, employees have to leave mail sitting on the server so it can get replicated during the night.

    Perhaps the governor needs to hire an IT consultant to explain how this can be automated so that thousands of state workers are not spending additional time manging their mailboxes.

  • colliedave Jul 8, 2009

    I will work as a consultant for a meal at the Awful House and tell her that the state cannot spend beyond what it takes in and there should be no more than 4 positions between her and the lowest level employee in the sate and to remove all else as government fat

  • whatusay Jul 8, 2009

    So Perdue is paying economic consultants....really. I will work for half of what she is paying and give better advise. I once worked for a transportation company. Thge CEO hired a consulting company to see why our profits were not where they should be....the consultants conclusion - "You are spending too much money on consultants".