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Pedestrian killed by snowplow in Wayne County

Posted January 30, 2010
Updated January 31, 2010

— A pedestrian was struck and killed by a snowplow along U.S. Highway 70 in Wayne County near the Johnston County line.

Mark Walston, 21, of 1315 Clingman St. in Goldsboro, was walking along the roadway when the state Department of Transportation snowplow fatally struck him at about 6:45 p.m. Saturday.

Troopers said the incident is being investigated and that it was not yet known who was at fault.


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  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Feb 1, 2010

    I can't fathom a scenario where the snow plow driver would be at fault. The pedestrian should have easily heard it coming, unless he was listening to an iPod. If the snow plow is kicking up heavy snow and condensation, your vision could be minimized. If this was after dark, would definitely be hard to see a person walking. Regardless, the pedestrian should have known LONG before the snow plow got to him, and moved out of the way. My guess, someone was drunk.

  • WXYZ Feb 1, 2010

    To VariousGood and WRAL editor: Sarcasm is speech or writing which actually means the opposite of what it seems to say. Sarcasm is usually intended to mock or insult someone and provoke inappropriate responses.

  • Whatever Geez Feb 1, 2010

    It may be he HAD to go to work and was walking...who knows...

  • smegma Feb 1, 2010

    thank you for your incredible expert analysis on the anatomy of a snow plow accident WXYZ. you should be one of those self-proclaimed experts nobody has ever heard of on CNN

  • beachboater Feb 1, 2010

    Well and what are people doing walking down the MIDDLE of the road when it is like 25 degrees outside...Wearing DARK colored clothing when it is DARK outside...

    My prayers go out to both of these families!

  • G-man Feb 1, 2010

    Almost as bad as being hit by a train.

  • WXYZ Feb 1, 2010

    Most likely scenario: The pedestrian was unlawfully walking on the right side of the road (i.e. the "wrong" side of the road for pedestrians). If he/she had been walking on the left side of the road, facing oncoming traffic, then the chances of collision would have been must lower. Amazingly, I see more people walking on the right side of the road, than on the left! Other scenarios are obvious, but to me, getting pedestrians to always walk FACING oncoming traffic is the most important goal.

  • tatermommy52 Feb 1, 2010

    How in the world does this happen....