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Oxford teen killed in hit-and-run

Posted September 27, 2010

— An Oxford teen was killed early Sunday when he was struck by a pickup while getting out of a car, authorities said Monday.

Sevon Cameron, 15, was getting out of a car near the intersection of U.S. Highway 15 and Stovall Road at about 2 a.m. Sunday when he was hit and killed, according to the state Highway Patrol.

The driver of the pickup, Curtis T. Cash, 36, of Oxford, drove home and called 911 to report the incident, authorities said. He was arrested at his home and charged with driving while impaired and felony hit-and-run.

The incident remains under investigation.

Cash was convicted in 1999 of DWI, and DWI charges in 1996 and 2004 were dismissed, according to court records.


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  • chelschelsthabomb Oct 1, 2010


  • cutiepie243blue Sep 29, 2010

    Say Say was a close friend of mine and it makes me mad to see that everyone wants to blame everyone but the person that is to blame... He didnt deserve to leave the way he did and he was a very good kid... So Sevon Lil Boo i love you and i will miss you alot more than i already do... I wish i could see you smile and you laugh and your voice just one more time. Dnt let these negative people spoil your rest baby boy.

  • wandakevans Sep 29, 2010

    i didnt know this young man but i have seen pictures. i was in walmart (henderson) last nite and i saw a lil boy tht looked just like him. it sent chills up my body. I know from the comments on fb and on here that this young man was loved by many. Not only has one life been taken but a few distroyed by this incident. I cried bc i know wut it feels like to lose a loved one tragically. My prayers are with his friends and family..Please know that GOD doesnt make mistakes. It was Sevon's time to be at peace..Plz lets reframe from all of the negative comments, it does not change that fact that this young man is gone...RIP SEVON

  • headlong Sep 28, 2010

    Sesmith special *HUGS* As I read your words it touched me. Please do not blame yourself...You tried!!! You were there to comfort and know this Young Man was in safe arms.

    Thoughts and Prayers with Family and Friends!!!

  • sesmith Sep 28, 2010

    out everyday and no that a young man's life was cut short right in our eyes.As for the Justice System is not designed to be fair thats just point blank simple its designed to give some sense of peace to families.Nothing can turn back the hands of time to undo every wrong,but the system leans on faith that someone will learn from the mistakes others made. i have cried for days and i still look down thinking i have him in my arms,but he smiled and passed away so he was at peace.And as for where were his parents, he was present with his brothers, and other family members,so it was not like this young man was out wondering around.But i just want to extend my sympathy to the family, because i tried to save him,and to his friends,do not let his death be in vain..Everyone have a blessed day

  • kingshawty06 Sep 28, 2010

    FIRST OFF!! LET THIS BE KNOW AND LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT ... Sevon was NOT GETTING OUT OF A CAR .. Sevon was no where NEAR A CAR .. However Sevon got hit by the pickup truck and he kept going. He didn't call the police ... His friends called the police .. NOW .. he was with his biological brothers and his friends .. and there were at a friends house at 2am .. so why say that he shouldn't be out at that time of night. Sevon was a sophomore in high school. Just because you have a a curfew for your child doesn't mean the next child needs to have a curfew. AND IT WASNT A SCHOOL NIGHT IT WAS LATE SATURDAY EARLY SUNDAY MORNING. So of you guys need to stop with bashing towards SEVON. SEVON life was lost due to a man that felt he need to go out while he had already be drinking. My prayers go out to Sevon .. his family and close friends .. may god bless those with ignorant comments and heal family and friends of a tragic lost!

  • sesmith Sep 28, 2010

    Good afternoon everyone, i am the young man that performed cpr on sevon and tried to bring him back, i am the one who picked him up out of the road..It sickens me to see that this young man's death is in vain because everyone is pointing fingers or laying the blame everywhere.It was told to me and my family that the point of impact was estimated around 80mph, and the speed limit there is 35mph,so sevon never could have survived the crash.I feel very sympathetic to sevons family for their loss because someone's child didnt make it home and i did everything in my power to bring him back, i feel sympathetic to the driver of the vehicle because his life is forever changed also,because if he didnt have a heart or felt any kind of sympathy he could have went home and never called to turn his self in and it would have just been another unsolved murder, and i also feel sympathetic to the kids who had to see this because their lives are forever changed as well as my family because we have to wa

  • Whatever Geez Sep 28, 2010

    wanda:Witnesses at the party saw him pass by more than once before hitting Sevon. He was speeding and swerving.

    Why didn't someone call if this happened? Someone speeding and swerving in a neighborhood is worth a call to the cops...especially if its late at night on a Saturday.

  • wandathorpe Sep 27, 2010

    I am so upset after reading some of these comments that I don't know where to begin so forgive me if I ramble. First of all I live in Stovall and there is no Stovall Road. And where Sevon was killed there is no intersection. I knew Sevon and several of the kids that were there. I have talked with several of them that were at the party. Sevon was not walking in the road when he was hit. As for someone calling 911, one of chaperones, the owner of the house, did call 911 and the response time was 3 minutes. EMT is located less than a mile from the house. Another chaperone was performing CPR trying to help Sevon. So, Mr. Cash did not call 911 to help Sevon. From my understanding, he thought he hit a deer. Witnesses at the party saw him pass by more than once before hitting Sevon. He was speeding and swerving. Regardless of what time it was a life has been lost. This could have happened at 4 in the afternoon. People don't have a set time to drink so after midnight is not necessarly when the

  • dikembedavis Sep 27, 2010

    R.I.P Sevon
    We was just talkin at the party outside before you got hit
    You told me to come to your house on Sunday to chill
    Now you gone : (
    Mannn if i would have kept talkinn to you instead of lettin you walk on the other side of that jeep
    You would still be here now
    I miss you Lil Guyy You will be missed Never Forgotten -Dikembe Davis