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Nine vehicles wreck on Capital Boulevard

Posted October 22, 2009
Updated October 23, 2009

— A nine-vehicle wreck in the northbound lanes of Capital Boulevard at Brentwood Road blocked traffic Thursday night, Raleigh police said.

One car was trapped underneath a recreational vehicle, police said. The car driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital.

The RV driver fled the wreck on foot, police said.

Traffic was detoured while Capital Boulevard was temporarily closed between Westinghouse Boulevard and Brentwood Road.


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  • tsquaring Oct 23, 2009

    Hmm, why would the driver flee on foot and we don't get a description to help catch him?
    To whom is the RV registered? Shouldn't RV registration prevent RV crime?

  • nandud Oct 23, 2009

    Manofjustice made a joke! HA HA HA!! Thanks for the laugh!

  • jackaroo2 Oct 23, 2009

    just someone else with no license and insurance, and maybe wanted on other charges...and this is news?

  • manofjustice Oct 23, 2009

    Reverend Barber is a good man that has invested a lot of love into this great state in which we live. He has turned hearts of anger in to prisms of light. His voice can calm the most ravaged beast better than any version of Gershwin ever could. I am proud to call this man the Father of North Carolina.

  • hokiegirl112 Oct 23, 2009

    logitech - I was a witness to the accident and everyone was stopped at a red light. The RV was going fast and didn't brake if he did, did it at the last second careening into the other cars. 3 second rule can't apply when everyone is at a standstill.
    Thankfully no one was horribly injured.

  • Nitro Oct 23, 2009

    Hey logitech.....I was involved in that wreck.When 9 cars are at a dead STOP at a light how can you figure a (second rule)?!?!?! And when an RV going 50mph and the other 9 vehicles are STOPPED there's not much you can do!!!!!

  • Professor Oct 23, 2009

    Maybe Rev Barber will comment.

    Don't care to hear or see him!

  • logitech Oct 23, 2009

    I was there and if people knew how to drive it would have only been a 3 car accident not a 9 car. RV rearends car car slids into truck. The only colision damage on that RV was the front (if people kept the 3 second rule in mind when driving and not thinking nascar)alot of multy car pile-ups would not happen. Im Glad that no one got serously hurt that is a rare thing in a multy car accident. I had to lauff at the person who mentioned deep pockets. I have yet to meet any NC musician who has any money 90% of what they have is rented, donated to them or the lucky few the record company gave it to them to use as part of the contract. Besides if they are making money why would they want to live in NC anyhow this state has always been dead when it comes to the music industry.

  • SkepticalGirl Oct 23, 2009

    Yall need to google Carolina King Bow Boa and go to the you-tube video. I think you'll figure out why the driver ran. Maybe Rev Barber will comment.

  • Professor Oct 23, 2009

    More than likely someone was chatting on a cell-phone and not paying attention to what was going on the highway. We sure do need a cell-phone law. Pull over to the side of the road if you want to chat. You cannot read a book while driving, so why chat on the cell-phone and be sorry later when you cause a wreck. Think for a change. Be smart!