Coal train derails in Virginia, disrupts Amtrak

Posted August 6, 2010

— Amtrak service south of Washington is disrupted and Virginia Railway Express is canceling Fredericksburg line trains after a coal train derailed.

Amtrak says service will continue to be disrupted Friday because the railroad is shut down south of Quantico with all tracks blocked. VRE is canceling all trains on the line Friday after Thursday’s derailment.

Passengers on the Carolinian from New York City to Charlotte will be most affected, with most delays evident between Washington, D.C. and Richmond, an Amtrak spokesman said.

Travelers on the Carolinian will take a train from New York to Washington, D.C., then transfer to a bus around Quantico to Richmond, Va., and return to the train for the ride from Richmond to Charlotte.

Trains running between Washington and Newport News, Va., and from New York to Miami and Savannah, Ga. and the tuto train service between Lorton, Va. and Sanford, Fla. are also affected.

Limited alternate transportation will be available on those routes.


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  • unc70 Aug 6, 2010

    Every type of transport is subsidized by Federal, state, and local governments. Equally true whether the entities involved are labeled "public" or "private". From the earliest canals and locks, the railroads with land speculation, interstate highways, to airlines -- same patterns. Often justified by war/defense, pub. & private groups are given public funds, concessions, favorable tax law, grants of land, and other resources to build infrastructure, often then considered "private" property.

    The transcontinental railroad was justified by a "fear" that the British might invade and claim California and its gold during the Civil War. The interstate highways were not just for transport of goods and people, but also landing sites if our airfields were destroyed by the USSR.

    BTW "high speed" rail upgrades eliminate most of the dangerous train/auto/people interactions and also provide extra sidings, passing corridors, etc. to improve reliability and coexistance with freight traffic.

  • sniperdiver Aug 6, 2010

    Does CSX stand for Can't stay on tracks? Man these trains wreck all the time.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Aug 6, 2010

    Passenger rail only works in this country with large government subsidies.

    The low cost round trip to Charlotte would be significantly higher if Amtrak didn't get subsidies from the state and federal government.

  • JustAName Aug 6, 2010

    "the American people who deserve top notch rail networks"

    The American people enjoy the freedom that their cars provide for them. Trains work in Japan and Europe, because of geography. They work in big cities because of geography. They don't work in America's wide open spaces.

  • dmccall Aug 6, 2010

    cam, the reason Amtrak is "underfunded" is because they don't charge anywhere near the cost of providing their service, like the airlines do. High-occupancy rail transit is THE MOST expensive way to move people as of 2010.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Aug 6, 2010

    This is why I don't take the train.

    Plus the train between Raleigh and Charlotte keeps hitting cars and trucks in Mebane and Hillsborough.

    Last time that I took the train from Raleigh to New York City, it stopped several times on the track for an hour at a time due to construction, maintenance, and other trains on the tracks.

    It's easier to hop a plane from Raleigh to New York City.

  • ahh-fooie.... Aug 6, 2010

    classic "liberal-nomics" blame it on the dead guy!!


  • cam7002 Aug 6, 2010

    Amtrak -- it's pure Reaganomics -- "starve it 'til it dies". The thing has been underfunded and derelict for decades and, if it doesn't eventually die, it will remain irrelevant for lack of capital investment and planning. Tragic loss for the American people who deserve top notch rail networks.

  • Skywatch_NC Aug 6, 2010

    Major migraine indeed!

  • luvdolphin2 Aug 6, 2010

    wow. sounds like a big headache!