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Residents not surprised by Raleigh police internal probe

Posted February 9, 2011
Updated February 11, 2011

— Residents of a southeast Raleigh neighborhood reportedly at the center of a Raleigh Police Department internal investigation say that they aren’t surprised by reports of sexual misconduct of police officers with a prostitute.

WRAL News learned Tuesday from sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, that several police officers from the department’s Southeast District Substation were told to surrender their guns, badges and patrol cars this week after the department’s Internal Affairs Unit used GPS devices and hidden cameras to uncover the activity.

One police officer who sources say is involved in the investigation, Stephen Hinnant, resigned Monday, a police spokesman confirmed Wednesday. Hinnant could not be reached for comment.

People living in the Bragg Street neighborhood near downtown Raleigh say rumors about sexual activity have been around for months and that it isn’t unusual to see a prostitute who’s not under arrest get into a police car.

“It's something that has been spoken on before – that they might be engaging in sex with these street walkers,” said Bragg Street resident Rudy Hale.

“I have seen prostitutes in the back seat of the car, not knowing where they took them,” he said. “I have also seen them after having them in the car – that same person back on the streets minutes later.”

Raleigh Police Chief Harry Dolan confirmed Tuesday that the department was “nearing completion” of a “comprehensive” investigation into a police officer’s complaint from 2009, but he did not speak directly to specific allegations or provide details of the internal probe.

"The public can be confident that all the issues identified as result of the officer-initiated complaint were thoroughly investigated and that they will be addressed and resolved,” Dolan said in a statement.

City leaders hesitant to speak about the investigation and allegations on Tuesday came out Wednesday strongly in favor of the department taking swift action, if necessary.

“I am assured by Chief Dolan that this investigation is going, and I have requested a full report because I need to report back to my constituents what is going on,” said Raleigh City Councilman Eugene Weeks, who represents southeast Raleigh.

“If any city of Raleigh employee, including a police officer, has engaged in this kind of misconduct, that is completely unacceptable,” Mayor Charles Meeker said. “The police department will fully deal with any allegations (that) they find are true.”


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  • RPDK-9 Feb 11, 2011

    (cont from below)
    ...know really what is fact. Has anyone viewed the video? NO?! Just curious, didn't think so. Let's wait and see where this goes. They, the alleged violators, are not on the streets. Those of us that will be on the street tonight (today, tomorrow, everyday), we will be there for you. When the gunfire errupts, we will run to it, as you run away from it. We will make split second, life and death, highly stressful decisions and allow you to pick that decision apart for the next six months. When you need us, we will help, even when we don't know you. We will be there for you. Those of you who have said you have never or would never call the police for help, I feel confident in my belief that you are fortunate. When you have lost all means of coping with your problems, and it will come, you will call. We will help. We won't hesitate. Mayor, coucil members, Chief, citizens...WE ARE STILL HERE. We still care, we will help. Keep your chins up RPD, be safe. Dave G.

  • RPDK-9 Feb 11, 2011

    This is the first time I've ever read golo comments and fealt they needed a reaction. I am an officer with RPD. I can tell you this. The rumor-mill has exploded in and outside of the department. Any time misconduct is mentioned concerning those that police misconduct, it's a big deal. I have worked as a police officer through Rodney King, sexual misconduct, murder and rape allegations...some true and some untrue. It has been my experience, and you'll either believe it or you won't, that the news rarely gets any story correct. It's their job to keep viewers watching commercials that support their broadcast. The more sensationalized it is, the more people watch, the more their commercial slots are watched and that product is supported and sold. These officers may have done wrong. NONE OF US KNOW, unless you are probably one of a handfull of people in the Chief's Office which includes IA. No one at RPD or who are the "people of anonimity" being used as a source, know really what is

  • Proud Airman Feb 10, 2011

    I'm not going to list my qualifications or experience in such a public forum. However, I will say that I live in the real world and am not a book licking fascist. Somehow, I doubt you're a cop, know any cops, or have any knowledge of the profession. Again, I won't post my resume. I'll simply say I know what I'm talking about.

  • ryma27610 Feb 10, 2011

    These cops should be judged accordingly to there actions. Armstrong should realy be held to more standards than others because he claimed to be so involved in the community for the citizens being involved in all the associations .Yes, he is still a person but we should understand just like you say all cops are not bad well the same goes for the citizen we are not all bad people, ok you say there job is dangerous so they must be firm on everbody, well i meet mean and bad people everyday but that dosent mean that I treat everbody I meet like there that bad or mean person. I think the force should take more mental evaluations on these guys to see were mental state is. Some of these cops shouldn even be able to carry a gun. We all should abide by the same rules. They used that lady and her cercumstances for there pleasure and i think that is a crime weather they said anyhting about money or not. Who to say thet wouldn't break any other laws.

  • Proud Airman Feb 10, 2011

    Seriously WRAL, show the public you're not on a witch hunt and do a story on the outstanding work and big arrests that keep being made by RPD (especially in the Southeast District) while all of this has been going on.

  • Proud Airman Feb 10, 2011

    I could sit here all day and go back and forth with you, but what's the point? You seem to be the only one on here who is determined to make sure police get labeled as trash. You're one out of about a half million people that live in Raleigh (assuming you even live in Raleigh). If you're the only one who has nothing better to do today then label the police "Trash", I'm ok with that.

  • Proud Airman Feb 10, 2011

    Oh come on, you keep referring back to the couple bad ones that have been dealt with. Officers who get arrested get fired; THEY DON'T WORK THERE ANYMORE. Officers who have at fault wrecks receive disciplinary action that affect pay and promotion.

    With almost 1000 officers, there may be a couple here and there that make mistakes and get fired. So let's give a liberal guess of 10 out of 1000 in the past couple of years that have made serious mistakes. That's 1%. Plenty of studies have been done nationwide that found that less than about 2% of police abuse the badge. So that mean's that RPD has approximately half the "corrupt" officers of any police department in the nation. To label the entire department as bad or "trash" is just plain ignorant.

    I agree with mickeyusmc- Until you walk the beat you have nothing to to say about these officers. again maybe you should read the post, yes there are some bad officers out there but don't judge all.

  • Journey985 Feb 10, 2011

    "handle the situation appropriately as the professionals that they are" - Like the RPD officer that beat up his ex-wifes new boyfriend? Or perhaps you're referring to the one caught last year drunk driving? Wait I know, you're talking about the the one that rear ended a car then tried to blame the sun...no,no, I know, the female officer that was driving her cruiser too fast out of downtown Raleigh and flipped her car, no surely not those officers, nor the officers currently under investigation that is "supposedly" nearing it's end? Please, tell my that near the END as stated by the Chief are they taking away their guns and badges? Why not DURING the entire investigation. So sorry, there wil be no apology for trash such as these officers.

  • Proud Airman Feb 10, 2011

    Having an officer turn in his/her gun/badge during an investigation as serious as this is standard. Unless you are psychic you don't know why that officer resigned. I'm sure details will be released eventually on him. Maybe he's guilty, maybe he's not. Maybe he is tired of being scrutinized for doing his job by people like you who know nothing about law or police work. Clever copying and pasting, I'll still expect your apologetic comments on the story that will soon post that shows not all of them are guilty. You act like it's a done deal. Have you forgotten that this are all still ALLEGATIONS? All allegations are thoroughly investigated and, again, taking a gun and badge during an investigation is not uncommon. I for one, am proud to be a citizen of Raleigh. If I need the police, I have confidence that I can count on the Raleigh Police department to respond and handle the situation appropriately as the professionals that they are.

  • mickeyusmc728 Feb 10, 2011

    So journey you know for a fact that these officers were having sex? Instead of running your mouth about how nasty all officers are why don't join the police force and show us how it's done. Come on and out and put your life on the line everyday instead of sitting back in the safety of your house. If they had broke all these laws you say they did it wouldn't be still under investigation you'd be hearing about their arrests. Again until you walk the beat you have nothing to to say about these officers. again maybe you should read the post, yes there are some bad officers out there but don't judge all. SICK and TIRED about it then get up and get out there yourself.