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State denies UNC appeal, awards cancer center to Cary group

Posted October 13, 2010

WRAL Investigates

— State regulators on Tuesday approved Cary Urology's application to open a prostate cancer treatment center in southeast Raleigh, turning aside complaints from UNC Health Care.

Dr. Kevin Khoudary and Cary Urology want the center to be easily accessible to a large population of black men, noting that a quarter of black men in North Carolina are diagnosed with prostate cancer and that blacks are three times as likely to die from the disease as whites.

UNC Health Care has opposed the center, calling a single-organ cancer effort unnecessary, and filed a competing application for the state-required Certificate of Need.

WRAL Investigates outlined the dispute last month, noting that state regulators initially picked the Cary Urology application a year ago. UNC appealed the decision to the state Office of Administrative Hearings, but a judge ruled in July  against UNC, saying the health system's primary focus was competition.

The Department of Health and Human Services gave Cary Urology the go-ahead Tuesday to proceed with its $10 million center, but Khoudary said UNC could continue to appeal the matter in court and delay the center further.


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  • jenforthewin Oct 14, 2010

    Congratulations to Dr. Khoudary and team for knowing what's really "unnecessary" -- prostate cancer death. UNC Health Care, going after the low-hanging fruit is sometimes better than thinking about everything from a macro perspective. Maybe you're just mad that someone else figured it out before you did.

  • As if .... Oct 13, 2010

    UNC ,parent company of REX hospital should spend less time advertising their overly priced procedures on TV ,and more time trying to lower prices on health care. DO they really have to spend millions on ads ? Have they turned into a big box store?

  • findoutthefacts Oct 13, 2010

    "but Khoudary said UNC could continue to appeal the matter in court and delay the center further."

    Yes...by all means - hold up something that affects people's health because UNC's greed is much more important. Seems to me that UNC needs to "educate" themselves a little!

  • RaleighPirate Oct 13, 2010

    Yeah, that is awesome news!

  • carrboroyouth Oct 13, 2010

    Aren't men (in general, of course) notorious for not recieving recommended exams for their age group / race/ family history?

    You can build an expensive pond near the horse but you can't make it drink...

  • findoutthefacts Oct 13, 2010

    Why does UNC always try to keep everyone else from getting or doing something? It shows a complete lack of CLASS (you know, the class they always say they have).