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Raleigh children dropped off at wrong bus stop

Posted August 11, 2011

— A bus driver for the Wake County Public School System is off the job while administrators look into a complaint that she dropped three young children from River Bend Elementary School in Raleigh off in the wrong neighborhood.

Renia and Henry Simon said their 6-year-old twins and 9-year-old son were not on the bus when the driver stopped in the Amber Field North subdivision Tuesday afternoon.

Renia Simon said the bus driver told her that she dropped them off in the Amber Field South subdivision, about a half-mile away.

Police were responding to the call when 9-year-old Andrew called his father to tell him they were at a family friend's house.

It was their first day on the school bus, their parents said.

"The kids are traumatized. They are pretty scared," Henry Simon, said. "They don't want to go to school in the mornings."

Wake schools spokesman Greg Thomas did not identify the driver is or give the status of her job but said that, usually in similar situations, an employee is put on administrative duty until the district can find out what happened.


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  • fayncmike Aug 15, 2011

    "Okay let me put it this way....If those were my kids, there would definitely be a huge lawsuit....Imagine people, your kids were dropped off in the wrong subdivision....What would you do? Go, "Oh, it is the bus drivers first day..." or would you stand up for your kids?"
    If your kid can't figure out that he's being let off at the wrong stop perhaps you should consider home schooling him and having a locator chip implanted in his ear.

  • raniasimon Aug 12, 2011

    *From the mother* Thank you everyone who has been considerate torwards me and my kids. Some people think that I was overreacting with what I did, but most parents would agree with me when I say that if you lose your kids for even five minutes, you would be just as concerned. The bust driver told my kids that the stop that was 1/2 a mile away from them, was the one that they were supposed to get off at. That was bad enough, besides the fact that it was their first day of school since moving to Raleigh. Never having been in raleigh before, how is a 9 year old and two 6 year olds supposed to know where their new house is? One of the twins has also had 7 surgeries in his brain, anything could happen to him, so the horrors I had in my head were unspeakable. Again, I want to thank those who are supporting me. I just don't want to put that worry on any other families.

  • newton11 Aug 12, 2011

    ***Onion New Break***
    Wake County: A school bus drive is being treated for mental and emotional strain. Today, 2 children from the same family were on the bus in the morning and were not excused from the end of day drop off roles. Somehow, in the minutes after school, the children were picked up by their mother who wanted to "go for ice cream" during these hot days. The bus driver stopped at her regular stop for these two children and noted they did not stand to exit the bus. She immediately did a count a realized she was 2 students short and dialed 911, and school officials, thinking the kids were lost or still at school. After repeated attempts to contact the parents, the mother finally notified officials she had swept by school 'on a whim' and taken her kids. When asked for her take of the chaos, the mother said: "The driver overreacted; what's the big deal? She needs to calm down and get back to work, my kids need a ride in the morning."

  • fayncmike Aug 12, 2011

    "Must be some Raleigh liberals looking for attention.

    This rant is getting sooooooo old. You've chosen your screen name well. Is there anything in the world that you don't want to blame on liberals? Amidst all your complaining about liberals I'm willing that you have never voted in your life.

    And by the way, mods, I say this with all due respect.

  • fayncmike Aug 12, 2011

    All that's happening here is that the parents are positioning themselves to file a lawsuit. What's sad about it is that they're going to convince the child, already not too smart, that he really is traumatized. The parents will get some money and the kid will get a lifetime in therapy.

  • gphotohound Aug 12, 2011

    from the look on televison those kids really looked traumatized smiling as they got out of the car . could that happened after daddy told them they were so traumatized , if so drive them to school if that is the only reason that they do not want to go .

  • backwards Aug 12, 2011

    Must be some Raleigh liberals looking for attention

    pangb007... Yes because this is surely a liberal vs conservative issue. Jeez people will spin anything to fit their agenda.

    I actually I didn't say it was an issue but that is a typical liberal attitude. If that was a conservative's child this would have never made the news cause their kids would've called dad and said I got off the wrong stop and I'm walking home. Dad would've said ok, you know where you live and I'll see you soon. All this traumatized junk is so sad to say the least.

  • superman Aug 12, 2011

    A 9 year old and he doesnt know how to get off the bus at the right stop? Maybe the parents should have taken them for a ride and taught them the right stop. I would certainly worry about my kids not being able to know where they live. This was not the bus drivers fault. They were not "thrown" off the bus. The parents and the kids need to ride the short bus to school.

  • musthavecoffee Aug 12, 2011

    The parents said to WRAL that the children are "sleeping in our bed" because they are so traumatized. What do the children's sleeping arrangements have to do with getting off the bus at a stop that is a half-mile away? BTW, a half-mile really is not that far away. The children could probably see their own house from where they got off.

  • TeenDAD Aug 12, 2011

    "Must be some Raleigh liberals looking for attention."

    Yes because this is surely a liberal vs conservative issue. Jeez people will spin anything to fit their agenda.