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Chase suspect caught off busy I-40 near RTP

Posted August 1, 2011

— A Durham man faces several charges after, authorities say, he led state troopers on a chase into rush-hour traffic on Interstate 40 Monday morning.

Martin Chavious, 26, of Rose Garden Lane, was arrested on charges that include felony speeding to elude arrest, careless and reckless driving and a registration violation.

Police in Garner pulled him over just after 8 a.m., authorities said, but Chavious pulled off, prompting police and then the North Carolina State Highway Patrol to pursue him.

Traffic cameras operated by the North Carolina Department of Transportation showed several troopers pursuing a car, weaving through vehicles, along westbound I-40.

It ended around 8:30 a.m. near the Page Road exit off I-40 near Research Triangle Park when the driver pulled over and jumped from the vehicle and ran up a hill into some woods.

Troopers chased Chavious and returned with him a few minutes later. He was taken to Rex Hospital in Raleigh as a precaution after he complained that he was having difficulty breathing.

Traffic slowed to a crawl on westbound I-40 and Interstate 540 as morning commuters made room for investigators.

A passing car hit the door of a Highway Patrol cruiser at the scene, but Highway Patrol First Sgt. Jeff Gordon said the pursuit turned out well.

"Nobody's hurt here, and we took an individual off the road who should not be on the road," he said.


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  • finwearer Aug 2, 2011

    "Run the tag and meet the perp at his/her house." ...works as long as everyone is an honest, law-abiding citizen and follows all registration laws. (laughable!!)

    If everyone was an 'honest, law-abiding citizen'... this incident wouldn't have happened. Period.

    I watched the video(s)...no danger, whatsoever, to other motorists as long as they were obeying the laws themselves.

    Most accidents that occur as a result of ANY incident that happens on the highway are caused by 1)people that don't know how to drive; 2)people driving too fast; 3)tailgating; and 4)..rubberneckers!!!

    Some of you folks need to get your head out of your backside, climb down off of your chariots, assume responsibility, and get a healthy dose of reality!

  • question_why Aug 2, 2011

    Good work for the police. They didn't put anyone in harm's way and no telling why this guy was running. He could have had a car load full of explosives.

    Everyone involved (except perp) are hero's and should be treated like it. Circumstances were unknown and a job well done to protect the public.

  • Wendellcatlover Aug 2, 2011

    The Highway Patrol did a great job apprehending a criminal. If he wasn't a criminal before the chase, he was after. I think the O2 tube is funny...I feel that this was just a show to gain a little sympathy...didn't work on me.

  • str8thuggin Aug 1, 2011

    That's what I'm talking about. Great job HP, good job Shrader for getting that on film.

  • thepeopleschamp Aug 1, 2011

    "if the perp already killed my loved one, then that would be on the perp and putting others at risk would not bring my loved one back." pennlioness2

    You are basically saying that you would rather the police NOT chase someone at all that had killed a loved one of yours? I'm glad we don't we don't love any of the same people. I would want the police to chase to Timbuck 2 and back if it was someone that killed a loved one.

  • thepeopleschamp Aug 1, 2011

    It never ceases to amaze me, police catch the bad guy with nary a soul harmed and the critics boo from the peanut gallery. When you jeer the officers you might as well be cheering for crime.

  • thepeopleschamp Aug 1, 2011

    "You read/watch to much doom and gloom. You will find that most people flee because they are drunk or on drugs." pennlioness2

    100% incorrect. Cali HP did a study years ago that showed over 75% of people who fled from traffic stops were either already wanted for a felony or had just committed a felony.

  • Pseudonym Aug 1, 2011

    Quote from danlwilliams: "I love the sympathy pic of the perp wearing an O2 cannula!"

    Good point!! These supposedly out-of-shape, fat, lazy, doughnut eating, coffee drinking officers caught the bad guy and NOT ONE of them needed an O2 tube. Good job LEOs!

  • raysson Aug 1, 2011

    This suspect thought he was Popeye Doyle thinking that he can outrun the cops on a busy highway.

    Really,the suspect in the car chase thought he was Steve McQueen like Bullitt

    thinking that he could outrun the cops on I-40 while thinking he's Gone in 60 Seconds???

  • Dido Aug 1, 2011

    Saw the video of the chase...did you see him bolt out of that car and sprint up that hill? No wonder he was short of breath!