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Wake County residents seek help from FEMA

Posted April 25, 2011

— More than 100 people in Wake County have sought assistance from the local Federal Emergency Management Agency office, officials said Monday afternoon.

The FEMA assistance center, located at the Chavis Heights Community Center, 840 Holmes St. in Raleigh, is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week. 

FEMA has approved $1.4 million in assistance so far for North Carolina. Officials said $253,000 had been handed out statewide as of Monday.

"Right now, we are just encouraging people to register. Don't determine your own eligibility. Just make sure, at this point, that you register whether you have insurance or not," said Emily Young, assistant director for recovery with the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management.

Wake County residents seek FEMA assistance Wake County residents seek FEMA assistance

Once registered with FEMA, an inspector will be sent to review the affected property. So far, FEMA has conducted 1,890 inspections, officials said.

Inspectors have already visited the east Raleigh home of Mary Moore. During the storms, a huge tree fell on the Brighton Road home Moore has rented for the past 26 years. 

"It really breaks my heart," Moore said.

Moore is still waiting to find out if she qualifies for assistance. 

Moore's neighbor Neko Everett didn't suffer as much loss. 

"I had a vehicle in the yard that got smashed by a tree," she said. 

Everett still doesn't have power in the home she rents with her 83-year-old mother, so they are staying with friends. 

Everett went to the FEMA office on Monday to seek help. 

"We heard that we could possibly get some assistance with some of the food that we lost in the fridge," she said. 

For those who do not qualify for FEMA assistance, the U.S. Small Business Administration is offering low interest loans for businesses, homeowners and renters. Homeowners can apply for up to $240,000 in low-interest federal loans to repair or replace their homes and belongings. Renters can apply for up to $40,000 in aid, and business owners can apply for up to $2 million to cover losses related to April 16's severe storms.

Prior to going to any of the offices, applicants must register with FEMA either by phone (800-621-3362) or online at www.fema.gov.

FEMA offices open across the state: 

View FEMA offices in a larger map


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  • ProudOfMySoldier Apr 25, 2011

    Cubed, Mom2two was not saying renters were second class, she was saying about how there are those people out there that do not have insurance of any kind, whether it be homeowners or renters. I know a few that have let their homeowners insurance lapse just a few months ago, or also there are many that just never get it (renters or homeowners). As for renting that is your decision, but many of us look at how the amount of money you pay into renting over the years you could of bought a house. As for replacing stuff well that is what home warranties are for as well.

  • cubed32696 Apr 25, 2011

    There are illegal citizens that pay taxes just like everyone else so they deserve to get some help too ~~ latinatimida332

    That is true. However, because they are undocumented, they cannot get help from FEMA. Fortunately,several organizations that are here to help them as best they can.

    LambeauSouth, miketroll3572, cantstandya ~~ These people losses are just as great as anyone else's.

    Mom2two ~~ renters qualify for low-interest loans as well as homeowners. I fortunately have renters insurance. However, those of us who rent ARE NOT SECOND CLASS CITIZENS as you make us out to be. I chose to rent and guess what? My maintenance is built in. I never have to replace a roof or a hot water heater or a heating/cooling unit. All of these have been replaced since I moved into the house I rent. So have fun paying for the upkeep of your house. I'll keep paying my rent and enjoy the time and $$ I save by renting.