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Student arrested after Leesville Road High teacher sickened

Posted April 8, 2011
Updated April 9, 2011

— A Leesville Road High School student was arrested Friday after police determined that a soda that sickened a teacher Thursday had been tampered with.

Cody Austin Beckett, 18, of 5205 Indigo Moon Way in Raleigh, was charged with assault on a school employee.

Roseann Marie Monteleone, a business teacher at the school, became ill after drinking from a soda can during a morning class and had to be taken to Rex Hospital for treatment, police said.

Arrest warrants state that Beckett put a chemical agent into the soda causing Monteleone to have a medical reaction causing lesions in her throat and the loss of consciousness. 

Leesville Road High Principal Scott Lyons said in a letter to parents that Monteleone was fine but needed to be evaluated by a physician.

Authorities say it appears a hand cleansing substance was put into the soda. 

Cody Beckett, Leesville Road High teacher poisoning Leesville Road teacher sickened, student arrested

Police said administrators suspected that something had been placed into Monteleone's soda when she was out of her classroom, so they called in Wake County Public School System security personnel and Raleigh police to investigate and to question students.

Beckett is a senior at the school. He was released into the custody of his parents.

Monteleone, 46, has been teaching at the school since September.


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  • Nonewsisgoodnews Apr 13, 2011

    You guys are insane to say this is a harmless prank, correct to say stupidity. I love how so many of you judge based on looks. He did however aim at harming a teacher and did something to the teacher he would not have to to himself, therefore deserves treatment as such. If the teacher had a student drinking hand cleanser (isopropyl alcohol is NOT the same as ethynol and no laughing matter and one which I wouldn't wish on anyone), this teacher wouldn't be out of jail anytime in the next decade. I am fairly certain this is a definite case of either first or second-degree poisoning, as he has no mental handicap in recognizing its not for consumption. This "child" is an adult at age 18 and should deserve treatment as such just as a teacher should. Best of luck to the teacher in recovery.

  • justinefink Apr 11, 2011

    who do you think you are to sit here and judge based on what the media says? of course they are going to make it sound awful, and yes it was a sad and crazy situation, but you're definately not in the right place to act like you know exactly what happened unless you were in that school witnessing the situation. cody is a very sweet guy and understands what he did is wrong, nothing is messed up in his mind and he surely does not belong in jail or in a help program. There's a light at the end of this tunnel and all of you debbie-downers are not helping! maybe you should be a little more concerned about the Leesville High School student who just passed away... NOTHING CAN BRING OUR SCHOOL DOWN!

  • grannybam07 Apr 11, 2011

    I am glad to see the school react the way they have. 16 years ago when this happened to me, my principal tried to sweep it under the rug. He acted as if I was at fault. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to call poison control and was instructed to not take a medication I was on at the time. The combination of the medication and the additive to my drink would have caused a coma or death. If I'd taken my medicine would you all still consider it a 'harmless prank'?

  • wsykes Apr 11, 2011


  • carrboroyouth Apr 11, 2011

    I forget that older generations never had kids that misbehaved/pulled pranks/did stupid things...etc.

    Please, enough with the "kids these days" stuff.

    As a sidenote I hope he is punished appropriately and I hope the teacher makes a full recovery.

  • zoso9782 Apr 11, 2011

    Oh and I forgot to mention, I do hope that the teacher recovers quickly and that she is able to return to work feeling much better.

  • zoso9782 Apr 11, 2011

    It's sad to see how people can make such ignorant accusations of a kid and his parents based off of one stupid mistake. Do any of you actually know this kid? I doubt it. However, I do agree that it was a dumb prank (and that is all, A PRANK, no ill will intentions) and that he should have some consequences. For the ones of you who say attempt at murder, you all are completely ignorant to believe that an 18 year old kid would seriously put a "chemical agent" in a drink with intent to kill a teacher. If you all would actually know him, you would know that this was not his intentions. Cody will be determined to fix this and to go on with his future in a positive manner, and I'm going to laugh at all you when he proves that he is not this bad kid that you all seem to believe. He's a great soccer player, student, and a friend. He will be determined to not let this ruin his future.

  • Iworkforaliving Apr 11, 2011

    I question him being released into his parents custody? He's 18 he should have to post bail, like every other adult.

  • Wacky_dood Apr 8, 2011

    If found guilty by a jury of his peers, I hope he gets some jail time. None of that probation stuff. The judge needs to be firm to nip this in bud.

  • Skydiver2 Apr 8, 2011

    vrickle - not sure I'd compare hand wash to a boulder. But I'd actually seen the same thing happen where we lived in the 90's. Where a kid dropped a boulder off an overpass and killed a person in a car. It took a few months, but they caught the kid. his mother had him hid away, he was like 15 or so.

    Oh no doubt about the comparison.. I was just commenting how I don't believe kids are any worse than the generations before them. I think as we get older we all claim to say.."The kids of today". Sort of like a right of passage. I remember my parents and Grand Parents saying the same thing..LOL