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Duke lacrosse accuser charged in stabbing

Posted April 3, 2011

— A Durham woman, known for falsely accusing three Duke University lacrosse players of rape in 2006, has been accused of stabbing her boyfriend early Sunday.

Crystal Mangum, 32, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. She is being held without bond.

Investigators believe that Mangum stabbed her 46-year-old boyfriend in the torso during a dispute at 3507 Century Oaks Drive around 3:15 a.m., police spokeswoman Kammie Michael said.

The boyfriend, whose name wasn't released by authorities, was taken to Duke University Hospital to be treated for serious injuries, while Mangum was arrested in a nearby apartment.

Police declined to comment further on the case.

Anthony McCullough, who lives nearby, said the victim's name is Reggie Wilson. According to McCullough, who said he's a friend of Wilson, Mangum moved in to Wilson's apartment with her children a few days after they started dating.

McCullough said Mangum stabbed Wilson several times and that he is in "bad shape."

crystal mangum Duke lacrosse accuser charged in stabbing

Police arrested Mangum in February 2010 after an altercation between her and a different boyfriend. Police said that in that incident, she assaulted her 33-year-old boyfriend in front of her children and lit some of his clothes on fire. 

She was charged with attempted murder and arson but found guilty last December of three counts of child abuse, injury to personal property and resisting a public officer. She was sentenced to 88 days in jail, which she had already served while awaiting trial.

While a student at North Carolina Central University in March 2006, Mangum worked as a stripper and performed at a party hosted by members of the Duke lacrosse team. She claimed three white players trapped her inside a bathroom at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. and raped and sexually assaulted her.

Mike Nifong, Durham County's district attorney at the time, had the three players indicted on rape and other charges on the basis of Mangum's allegations, but the case later began to crumble with her wavering in key details of her story.

That forced Nifong to dismiss the rape charges, and several months later, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper dismissed the remaining charges, saying there was no credible evidence to support the charges.

Nifong was later disbarred for withholding DNA evidence from defense attorneys in the case.


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  • Mark Hayes Apr 5, 2011

    This is not a racial issue, but when she made alligations of rape by white students Rev Barber turned it into one,she is just one bad person but the racial issues that do come up when these things happen will never be solved by the likes of Rev Barber and the NAACP, it will have to be all of us regular folks who he and his organization seem to prosper from by using it as a forum for his own views for he is sooner or later going to pop up into this case but is smart enough to pick the right time,and as always it will have racial implications of how she turned out to be such a piece of work.

  • Deep Thought Apr 4, 2011

    Anybody that is surprised, raise your hand.

    I feel so sorry for her children, what kind of life do they have with her and everything that goes on in her life.

  • IAMAmerican Apr 4, 2011

    On another note, as a NCCU student, I can say Mangum is truly an embarrasment to a fine institution.

    Maybe I was wrong about NCCU, I thought it WAS a good University!!!! If she graduated, I believe I can send my Jack Russell over there to get a degree

  • Journey985 Apr 4, 2011

    "I'm trying to figure out why the NAACP, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are mentioned in these posts. I didn't see their names anywhere in this article. Why are these associations being made with this person? Oh, I know, the same old things...race and politics. God bless America, we are in great need of it." - They are being mentioned because they could not get to a TV screen fast enough when she was the "poor black woman" being attacked by the "rich white" boys from Duke. You're right about one thing, racisim is alive and well, and it's on both sides it seems.

  • Journey985 Apr 4, 2011

    Wow, guess the WRAL Mods do not like it when you offer information on a story they know nothing about. Any who, I really hope she does some serious jail time, can't she be sentenced as a habitual offender? As far as her education and those asking about a "scholarship" The Rev.'s said they were going to finish paying for her degree, as reported by WRAL. While I sit here and hope this will be the last we hear of her, I am willing to bet it will not be.

  • sunneyone Apr 4, 2011

    bill0, thank you for being a voice of reason in this hate fest.

    Also, Hater, why would they bring this up in the case against Nifong? Isn't that case strong enough???? And while he definitely screwed up, he had no way of knowing that Crystal was this full of demons.

  • Raptor06 Apr 4, 2011

    "And who are the crazy men that keep getting involved with her?"

    My very thoughts. I'm led to believe these men are also having issues....a case of like attracting like. I think it's time for her to pull some jail "time" with a visiting counselor.

    I still wish the Duke guys would file a separate law suit against her. Her lies impacted a lot of people out there.

    I'm trying to figure out why the NAACP, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are mentioned in these posts. I didn't see their names anywhere in this article. Why are these associations being made with this person? Oh, I know, the same old things...race and politics. God bless America, we are in great need of it.

  • hunter38 Apr 4, 2011

    Not to worry.....I'm sure Judge Orlando "Let'm Go Orlando" Hudson will lower her bond so she can get out.........and do something stupid again......Durham, the cesspool of the triangle. She belongs behind bars...for good

  • scot30 Apr 4, 2011

    Crystal Mangum is a total LOONEY TOON! They need to lock her up and throw away the key!

  • Kaitlyn Apr 4, 2011

    If she was convicted of three counts of child abuse why does still have custody of her kids?