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Police ID teens suspected of firing BBs at church van

Posted March 29, 2011

— Police said late Monday that they have identified six or seven teens they believe used a pellet gun to shoot at a van carrying students to a church after-school program last week.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, dozens of underprivileged students go to Avent Ferry United Methodist Church, at 2700 Avent Ferry Road, for a free meal and some help with their school work.

Both days last week, some teens rode their bicycles alongside the church van as it picked the children up for the program and began firing pellet guns at the vehicle, church member Wendell Gilliam said.

Gilliam said some students were so frightened that they didn't attend Thursday afternoon's session, and others were afraid to go home that night.

Church members expressed frustration by what they saw as a slow response to the situation by Raleigh police, so the two sides met Monday to discuss the matter.

Police said the suspects in the case live in or near the Parkwood Village community, but they are not a gang, according to Benson Kirkman, a former Raleigh City Council member who represented the church at the meeting. Still, the Raleigh Police Department plans to use its gang intervention unit to prevent the group from forming a gang, he said.

No juvenile charges have been filed against the teens, but they might be required to participate in mentoring and gang-prevention activities to resolve their cases, Kirkman said.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Mar 30, 2011

    @skaternum asked, “what about the fact that this church is providing a service that the state would otherwise be providing? They're providing...”

    What fact? And, exactly WHAT are they providing? ...in hours & dollars?

    You assume too much. Their accounting books are a secret. They are not going to let these secret books be seen by the likes of us. They tell us what they want us to know. I require proof. YMMV

    For example, there’s a $1.3 million church in my Durham neighborhood. If someone lived in a house that size, they would pay over $13,000 in property taxes alone...every year...PLUS sales tax on all of their purchases PLUS income tax on the earnings to support the average family of four. This would probably total more than $40,000...per year. And if this was a private company, the tax income could be much more.

    So, YES...I would love to compare these hard tax numbers to the amount of “services” that churches say they provide. And, no...money for candles, prin

  • ForTheLoveOf Mar 29, 2011

    Depending on their age, and their family status, a good spanking, and hard labor to the church in lieu of criminal charges. If they have a record or history, hit them with charges.

  • blacksuv1962 Mar 29, 2011

    NO CHARGES ????? This is the exact reason we have so many "adult" jailbirds now.Stop the crime NOW.If the parents would give them a good ole wood shed whippin , I bet RPD and the DA would arrest the parents. WHAT A JOKE.

  • ncguy Mar 29, 2011

    WOW- we shot bb guns at each other not church vans.

  • millschrisc2 Mar 29, 2011

    Show them love instead of hate, and they will change their ways. Turn the other cheek anyone?

  • artist Mar 29, 2011

    "Police said the suspects in the case are not a gang, Still, the Raleigh Police Department plans to use its gang intervention unit to prevent the group from forming a gang, he said."

    Hee-hee..... ha-ha...... HAHAHAHA!

    Hey.... since the police have a gang prevention unit..... and need "stats" to keep the funding coming in for this special gang prevention unit...

    I say go pay the local nursing home a visit.... I hear the residents are getting rather uppity.

  • ConcernedNCC Mar 29, 2011

    If they really identified the teens, you'd think that they'd know, for sure, whether it was six or seven...I'm just sayin'

  • jas1022 Mar 29, 2011

    They should all be tried as terrorist...SERIOUSLY!!!

  • betterthanyou Mar 29, 2011

    Well thank the Lord this heinous crime spree is over. I will be able to sleep knowing that this armed biker gang is out of business. Now maybe we can focus on real news stories like a soldier finding his dropped iPhone.

  • Dark_Horse Mar 29, 2011

    this could have ended very badly...All it would have taken was for one of those teens to point that gun at the wrong car or person...