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Former West Johnston High coach faces indecent liberties charge

Posted January 13, 2011

— A former West Johnston High School wrestling coach is accused of taking indent liberties with student.

A grand jury indicted Michael Alan Conklin, 27, on Thursday.

The incident, which involved a girl under the age of 16, allegedly occurred in December 2009, according to court documents.

Conklin wasn’t a member of the West Johnston High faculty and coached wrestling there on a contract with the school district, a Johnston County schools spokeswoman said Thursday. He was also a substitute teacher until last spring.

Conklin has since moved out of state, but returned Thursday to face the charge.

Conklin's attorney Mike Reese said his client has been cooperative with investigators and they look forward to resolving this case in court early next month.

Former West Johnston coach charged with indecent liberties Former West Johnston coach charged with indecent liberties

Conklin is the second person associated with West Johnston High to be indicted on a similar charge.

Former school resource officer Michael Todd Fair, 40, is accused of sending inappropriate pictures of himself to the same student involved in Conklin's case. He was charged in December with two counts of disseminating obscenity to a minor under age 16 and one count of indecent liberties with a child.

"I understand that parents might be concerned, but our priority is to protect our students, and we make sure they have good role models," West Johnston High Principal Brookie Honeycutt said Thursday.

WRAL has learned the student is no longer enrolled at West Johnston High.


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  • JimFink Jan 20, 2011

    First...these are accusations that will need to be proven in court before we rush to judgement, and not just accepted as fact. Second...if the allegations prove to be true, it is my opinion that grown adults have to be accountable to their actions. We cannot expect teens to think and behave like adults (as much as they'd like to believe they are, we all know better), that's why we have laws to protect them, they are not of age to make responsible decisions when it comes to being involved in intimate relationships with adults.

  • wjhs20072 Jan 18, 2011

    This girl needs a shrink, she obviously has some daddy issues. I don't think that this should be a jailable offense or a sex offense, but I do think that they need some punishment to make sure they think twice the next time a young girl approaches them. Ruining these guys lives isn't the right thing to do either. Her reputation will always follow her and it should....
    To the his Mom - I don't know your son, but I do know his cousin Elizabeth (from JROTC) she spoke of him like he was a god, she told the whole class stories of what a great wrestler he is. If he is half of the person she pertrays him to be, he must truly be a good man. I know that he set her lousy boyfriend straight because he was abusive toward her. You should be proud no matter what anyone here says. He sticks up for the small guy and that matters everytime... I know Officer Fair too and he truly is a great guy, I will never see him the way they have pertrayed him in the news. I wish them both well and I hope thi

  • cherylconklin61 Jan 18, 2011

    Well, I thought in this country you are innocent until proven guilty....that's what the word "alleged" means!! But I can see that people are the same everywhere...stupid and judgemental BEFORE hearing ALL the facts. This coach is MY son, and he is a good man. Lets just make texting illegal or keep kids under 18 from using them!!!! The "girl" solicited the men in the school FIRST...so what's her punishment...a slap on the wrist, or wait, even better, lets move away??? She knew exactly what she was doing and should be charged for soliciting and sending pics of herself to start. How many other men did she do this to that haven't said anything AND is this the only achool she's done this in? ....this is NOT a game as some teens think it is. She and other idot teens are ruining the lives of good people. Honestly, I'd like to see the girls who initiate this type of thing, more than once, pay the consequences just as the defendants do. Lets see how they like being on trial !!!!

  • stupiditydeservesnosympathy Jan 17, 2011

    "leo-nc, I know it is. Lived here most of my life(34of 40) I was telling the chic in a jeep to stay away. We don't need her kind in JoCo. Her post made it sound like she did not want to move to JoCo because of the troubles at WJ"

    Yes Jews, Blacks, Gays and anyone who lives in the 21st century isn't welcome in JOCO. Another reason why i don't want to live there along with the sub par school system

  • stupiditydeservesnosympathy Jan 17, 2011

    Anyone stop to think that maybe Johnston is actually a great county? At least they're prosecuting kid touchers and not covering the crimes up.
    Justin T.
    They do the same in other counties... still with all the problems that have been in the news and others items not printed JOCO school system is sub par.

  • stupiditydeservesnosympathy Jan 17, 2011

    you are right gal in a jeep. Stay away from Johnston County. It is a horrible place. But when you find a county where this type of criminal action does not happen..... let us know.

    No truer words were ever spoken. Sadly this could happen anywhere but in JOCO it happened more then needed.

  • pwilliamson53 Jan 14, 2011

    Same young lady, charges against 2 separate men, something needs to be looked into seriously.

  • JAT Jan 14, 2011

    It's amazing that so many want to blame the girl. Sure, she was doing things she knew was wrong but these were 2 grown men who couldn't control themselves and 100% knew they were crossing a line and were wrong. She did not force them to do anything. She could strutted around stark naked and that's not forcing them to do what it's claimed they did. THEY made the choice; now they need to suffer the consequences they were well aware of before they did anything. Hopefully, the girl will get some help but she's not to blame for the actions of these men.

  • RM24 Jan 14, 2011

    I think what these guys are saying is if Johnston Co bussed their students from one end of the county to the other and they spent as much time on the bus as they do the classroom everyone would be to tired to misbehave!

  • Justin T. Jan 14, 2011

    Anyone stop to think that maybe Johnston is actually a great county? At least they're prosecuting kid touchers and not covering the crimes up.