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Ice chills the bottom line for Triangle merchants

Posted January 11, 2011
Updated January 12, 2011

Icy roads in central North Carolina closed schools and offices across central North Carolina Tuesday, but time off from work and school didn't send many people out to the malls.

Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, Streets at Southpoint in Durham, Triangle Town Center in Raleigh, and Cary Town Center in Cary all closed early Tuesday. They planned to be open Wednesday, weather permitting.

Kyle Golder sells sunglasses at Crabtree Valley Mall. He said icy road conditions definitely affect business.

"In the sunglass business market, there's not a lot of people looking for sunglasses when it's snowing outside," he said.

But for shoppers who braved the icy roads, going to the mall had some perks.

"We knew we'd get a parking spot," said Dina Rojas, who was shopping with her daughter.

Shannon Zacco hit the mall with her family to get out of the house.

"My college was cancelled and so me and my family decided to come to the mall, but unfortunately they're closing early," Zacco said.

Triangle malls close early for winter weather Triangle malls close early for winter weather

Crabtree Valley Mall only had pockets of shoppers Tuesday. The early closing did allow shoppers to get back on the roads before moisture refroze after dark.

"When it gets dark, stuff freezes back over and I don't want to be caught out," said Kenzie McElvine. 


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  • bonsai827deadbeat Jan 13, 2011

    that's hilarious!!! they plan all year to sell us goods that are marked up 75%....then get stuck in snow..........LOL.......
    I am glad I am not a business owner......
    I wouldn't want to treat people 'that way'

  • SummerlovinWinterhater Jan 12, 2011

    I wasn't going to work (good thing they closed) so there was no way I was going shopping.

  • Pseudonym Jan 12, 2011

    I wonder how many of the people shopping called in "sick" to work because of the weather. And I wonder how many of them are going to complain when they are docked a vacation day.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jan 12, 2011

    yes it is. sorry. fast fangers.

  • Raleigh Pioneer Jan 12, 2011

    To 'School Board Supporter'. It's 'herd'. :)

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jan 12, 2011

    If a business can't survive because it snowed a day or 2, that business wasn't going to last anyway. Think of it as thinning the heard.