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Durham council supports police accepting Mexican IDs

Posted November 15, 2010
Updated November 16, 2010

— The Durham City Council voted on Monday in favor of police accepting identification issued by the Mexican government as legal ID. 

The resolution, which passed 5-2, cited IDs like the Matricula Consular. 

During the meeting, the council heard from members of the community. 

Some argued that the ID cards, which are issued by the Mexican government to nationals living in other countries, are an important way for some to establish identity.

“It’s one way you can show who you are, so it's a security issue actually,” Pila Rocha-Goldberg said.

Others argued that it creates more immigration problems because cards are issued to people whether they are legal or illegal residents of another country.

William Gheen fears the IDs are a way to “avoid prosecution or deportation for their immigration crimes.”

Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez Sr. said accepting the IDs would help with investigations and enforcement.

Mayor Bill Bell also supported it.

Durham mayor's memo and resolution on Mexican-issued IDs

“It becomes another tool which appears will allow the police department to more effectively perform their policing duties,” Bell said.

Two council members, Eugene Brown and Howard Clement,  disagreed with the council voting on the issue on Monday.

“This is a federal issue that, in my judgment, is above my pay grade,” Brown said.

The meeting became heated when the council announced that it would only hear comments from Durham residents. 

The Mexican-issued IDs would not count as a valid driver's license in the U.S. If pulled over, a person with only a Mexican ID could be cited for driving without a valid license.


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  • ncguy Nov 17, 2010

    Will it really matter?
    does nayone think that the illegals will do this voluntarily ?

    There is no penalty for not having it- there is no penalty for being here illegally- there is no penalty for anything that they do in this country.

    so in the end this is a mute topic.

  • we_all_have_it_coming Nov 16, 2010

    "they dont need a mexican ID, they should have state issed ID's or whatever other documentation any legal immigrant would have."


    That's why this ID is complete BS. Jut another way for more illegals to skirt the local laws.

    Also - I will bet any of you a beer that the majority of folks going by to get their new ID's are not local. They will come to durham to get the ID, go back to their current location in another state and whip out this "valid" ID when in trouble.

    So you get in an accident, use the "valid" ID (based on false information) and are released without checking your status further. Then we will never, ever be able to locate these criminals and we will all be screwed.

    For godz sakes... stop changing the rules to accommodate criminals. No immigrant should ever arrive in the US without the needed documentation. They do not need this fake ID handed out by their local mexican office.

  • serious Nov 16, 2010

    rescuefan-regardless of the validity of the ID, once again,if they are LEGAL immigrants, they should have STATE issued ID's. If they live here legally, why would they be holding on to a mexican ID card? Why not get a state issued ID like everyone else has? Just like if you move states, you have to get a driver's licence in that state right? Same difference.

  • sctech Nov 16, 2010

    Wait until your vehicle is smashed and they hand the police this bogus ID. Good luck finding the person to seek damages.

  • teddemr Nov 16, 2010


    So your rationale is Mexico has some how improved in the last seven years?

  • rescuefan Nov 16, 2010

    teddemr, I saw that information cited earlier. I also saw that the date that the FBI posted this was in 2003. 7 years ago. Sorry, but that's outdated information as far as I am concerned. If you can find something more recent, then I would be interested. The FBI doesn't say it's a bogus form of ID any ways. They said back in 2003 that they thought it was unreliable. Maybe in 7 years there are means that have been developed to verify the true identity of the card holder. We don't know because nobody can cite anything recent, only something from 7 years ago.

  • issymayake Nov 16, 2010


    Bad parts of town are certainly not unique to Durham.

  • teddemr Nov 16, 2010

    "First of all, they aren't fraudulent IDs. They are perfectly valid."

    Wow this really burns me when people post misinformation. RESCUEFAN, here is a direct quote from the FBI
    "The U.S. Government has done an extensive amount of research on the Matricula Consular, to assess its viability as a reliable means of identification. The Department of Justice and the FBI have concluded that the Matricula Consular is not a reliable form of identification, due to the non-existence of any means of verifying the true identity of the card holder."

    In layman's terms, ITS A BOGUS FORM OF ID.......
    and before someone posts BS about the requirements to get the ID:
    "in some locations, when an individual seeking a Matricula Consular is unable to produce any documents whatsoever, he will still be issued a Matricula Consular by the Mexican consular official, if he fills out a questionnaire and satisfies the official that he is who he purports to be."

  • teddemr Nov 16, 2010


    the FBI and justice department of the USA has stated the MC is not a valid form of ID b/c they are not a reliable indicator of identity. Read the previous posts or search the FBI website and you can get all the facts you need. Again, why would a legal immigrant need this ID? Your argument does not address this one simple point. By federal law legal immigrants are required to carry the proper documentation, just like I have to when I travel to a foreign country. What makes the USA any different?

  • Connected1 Nov 16, 2010

    Let's see.....ID cards issued by the Mexican government. Hmmmm....that seems a bit shaky.

    I have a better idea. Let's move towards ENFORCING THE IMMIGRATION LAWS.

    It's that simple.