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Wilson allocates $1 million to fight poultry plant

Posted November 12, 2010

— The Wilson City Council voted unanimously Thursday to allocate $1 million to fight a proposed chicken processing plant in Nash County that the city believes would impair its water supply.

The Nash County Board of Commissioners recently voted to rezone an area west of N.C. Highway 97, near the Wilson County line, for the chicken plant.

A group of residents also opposed to the plant plan to hold a "Save the River" rally on a farm at N.C. 97 and Tar River Road at 3 p.m. Sunday.

The resolution adopted by Wilson councilors states that the plant's waste disposal would "cause problems with odor, flies, respiratory issues and adverse impacts to the city's water quality, thus negatively impacting the quality of life of the citizens of the City of Wilson."

The City Council said that waste from the plant would be piped into Wilson County's watershed and then sprayed on the ground.

The resolution states that Nash County never informed Wilson about the proposed plant and has denied the city's request to delay the project for an environmental impact study.

The resolution also states that Wilson will not supply water if it would end up being used in the plant.

Nash County Board of Commissioners Chairman Robbie Davis has said that careful research has shown no potential environmental problems associated with chicken processing plants. He promised to hold more public hearings on the issue.

Construction on the plant could begin before the end of the year. The plant is expected to bring more than 1,000 jobs in the area.


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  • Joe Friday Nov 12, 2010

    As a twenty-four year residence of Rocky Mount, I commend the leaders of Wilson, who are concerned about the well being of its citizens and can see beyond quick money to add to the tax basis.

    The environmental impact for both Nash County and Wilson County residents will be a noticeable nuisance at best, and could potentially be a disaster.

    For those that think that this plant will create more jobs for the residents of either county, dream on. Historically poultry plants of this nature with low wage jobs, end up going to migrates and not local residents.

  • keneds Nov 12, 2010

    Wilson needs to spend that million on their water, have you tasted it lately. I would have to say Sanderson Farms sure picked the worst possible place for a plant of this kind.....they could have gotten a lot further away from the primary water source

  • wattsun Nov 12, 2010

    People of Wilson Don't be ignorant ... 1 million is nothing to protect your counties drinking water.

  • corncop Nov 12, 2010

    I agree. What a waste of taxpayers money! One government fighting the other. If your community government is that rich, whay are you not cutting tax rates and giving the folks a break. I am certain that many Wilson residents will get jobs in or associated to this plant. Wouldn't that be nice? I dealt with the "Not In My Back Yard" naysayers when I lived in VA. Guess they followed me down. Build and hire! Those impacts will be far greater than any negatives from a properly built and operated plant.

  • the river rat Nov 12, 2010

    A statement by the Lower Neuse RIVERKEEPER has been added to the website on behalf of Wilson. He add's that organization's voice to that of the Tar RIVERKEEPER.


  • jgordon1 Nov 12, 2010

    Everyone is fighting to keep this plant out of Nash County. But no one is thinking of the jobs it will bring. I personally have worked in the chicken business and the smell is not that bad. You want something that smells bad, go work on a hog farm. The manure that the chickens will produce, can be used for crops, cattle feed and yards. This will provide more work for others. Everybody will benefit if this plant is allowed to be built.

    The problem here, is there is a group of residents who don't understand what the process is. They want their quite country living to stay the same, and then complain there is no jobs to be had. Geezz, Give me a break!

  • See Chart Nov 12, 2010

    nothing like smelling Chicken pooh ,who is behind this coming
    to a fairly occupied neighborhood?

  • ABM Nov 12, 2010

    Use the $1 million on new water infrastructure, get more jobs, gain revenue from the property taxes on the chicken company, have the members of your community employed, then look like a hero to all that are in the drive thru at KFC, BoJangels, Hardees, and the other chicken places..

    What a way to waste a million dollars, that is almost worst than the chicken waste..

  • snickers27588 Nov 12, 2010

    Ya'll sound like a bunch of chickens! ;)

  • 88gta Nov 12, 2010

    I agree with the previous posts, if you don't want a slaughterhous in your back yard then don't buy their products. I neither eat chickens nor want a chicken slaughterhouse in my back yard.