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Man killed in Apex collision

Posted October 11, 2010

— A 73-year-old driver died in Apex Sunday afternoon when another driver lost control and hit his car head-on.

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol charged Carla Romero, 20, of Angier, with involuntary manslaughter and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

Investigators said Romero was driving at about 80 mph in a 45 mph speed zone when she hit a car driven by Donald Carl Reynard on Holly Springs Road at Winding Oak Way.

Reynard, of Bonne Terre, Mo., died at the scene, troopers said.

His wife Anna Reynard, daughter-in-law, Kenia Reynard, and 16-year-old granddaughter, Irma Andrade, were also in the car. They were taken to WakeMed.

Anna Reynard, 72, was in fair condition Monday afternoon; Reynard, 35, was in good condition; and Andrade, 16, was in critical condition.

Romero and two passengers from her Cadillac SUV, one of them a child, were also hospitalized, troopers said. Their conditions were not available Monday.

Romero was being held under a $1 million bond at the Wake County jail Monday afternoon.

During her first court appearance Monday afternoon, her attorney told a District Court judge that Romero’s SUV had a mechanical failure.

Authorities said the Reynards were in North Carolina for their grandson’s baptism.

Immigration authorities said they believe Romero is in the country illegally.


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  • makeitright Oct 20, 2010

    Anyone know her lawyer's name?

  • katydid00900 Oct 20, 2010

    lizetzacatecas-I don't think her status as a citizen plays a role in this as much as people are making it out to be- on that I agree with you. I can honestly say that NO I have NEVER gone 80mph down Holly Springs Rd. EVER. It's not an accident when you are driving that fast. It's true that many people do drive above the limit, but 80 in a 45 is just unacceptable. She's 20 years old and that means inexperienced on the road (as seen by her negligent behavior.) She absolutely deserves to be blamed as it was HER foot on the gas going at such an exorbitant speed! Yes people have said others speed through there- but not to the point where they are driving their car into the other lane of traffic and killing a man. Her actions here are totally inexcusable and she absolutely needs to be help responsible for her mistake! Ok - here in NC and in the US 16 is a child. 16 years old is still a minor and still protected as such. Either way she's still at fault and needs to be held accountable.

  • littlestinker68 Oct 18, 2010

    Yes it was an accident. One that may not have had a fatality if she wasn't doing 80mph. Also, someone needs to explain to you that your automobile insurance DOES NOT pay for her tickets or charges to the law enforcement. This comes out of her pocket. The only thing insurance pays for is medical expenses and to repair the cars. Usually there is a deductible up front, and if your have below standard insurance it will only pay up to a certain amount for each person. The remainder comes out of Carla's pocket. You all may want to read your insurance declaration policy to see what that amount is. Or call your insurance agent to EXPLAIN it all to you. UMM, she's in jail because she killed someone. That has nothing to do with automobile insurance. Also in the state of North Carolina, the 16 year old is not an adult. The 16 year old is a MINOR. Accidents happen everyday, but somewhere along the line you need to understand that there are consequences to your own actions! LAWSUIT!

  • barbara28 Oct 15, 2010

    That was a accident. Did she had car insurance? if yes, what is the insurance for if she is charged with all this charges. I thought this is why we have mandatory car insurance. So if something like this happens people are covered. and i think everybody has speed-ed before only they got lucky. this women obviously is very sorry about what happen. she was not drunk.
    So I think she should not be in jail the Insurance company should handle the case. why we all have to pay insurance if we still get locked up. If it was a drunk driver yes Jail and no driving privilege should be mandatory. but this case no

  • lizetzacatecas Oct 15, 2010

    YES,people GROW up!i dont know how people have the heart to judge someone just because of there race.what happened was an accident and couldve happen to anyone!her immagratiom status has nothing to with the accident.yes she was going over the speed limit,but please dont try to say YOU have never done it before.&yea shes 20 years old,and what?that doesnt mean she a is an out of control person!she is a very respnsible women and does not deserv to be blamed for something that was an accident.so STOP pointing fingers and stop all the racism.witnesses have said that almost everyone that goes threw that road is speeding!and of course i feel bad for the other family that lost a loved one,i as well would be upset if something similar happened to me.i know romero and i know she would NEVER do anything that would hert anyone.and just to clear things,there was NOT a child in the vehicle both girls that were with romero are ages 16 and 18.prayers to both families!

  • Lost and Loaded Oct 15, 2010

    As the father of 20 year old who rolled the family SUV the first time she drove it solo, I can relate better than most to what the Romero family is going through. It is a tragic accident for both families. SUVs - especially the larger fully loaded SUVs - are both deceptively easy to drive while at the same being very unforgiving if even the slightest mistake is made. The Romero girl may have had just a slight distraction cause her to veer off the road and over-corrected and over-reacted to try to regain control. Perhaps a top-of the-line option like anti-sway and anti-roll did fail causing her to panic and speed up instead of slow down. About the only thing I am sure of is that she was not trained or prepared to drive such a large powerful vehicle and we should direct most of the blame to whoever gave her the keys/license, without providing proper instruction on how to drive such a vehicle safely.

  • james27613 Oct 15, 2010

    Her SUV may have vehicle data stored in the onboard computer that can prove if she was indeed speeding on the road.

  • abigailbyesjventures Oct 15, 2010

    PEOPLE please grow up. btw im a 20 year old girl too. I don't think our generation is the best one in years. i dont agree with speed limit. overall i dont tolerate IGNORANT people. who just write stuff because they are mad. i do feel sorry for both families the reynard's & the romeros's. I been knowing them since i was 12. carla we all love you. && keep you in our prayers.

  • abigailbyesjventures Oct 15, 2010

    ok. so to make sure all you people understand. carla doesn't have a child. there wasn't a child in the car PERIOD.so no need to put another charge on her. to the people who said "all illegals should be deported" hmm are talking about immigrations i dont thinks so. if she is illegal or not like other people already said It doesn't make a difference. If illegal aliens had that chance to get license believe me they would. && yes investigators said she was driving "80" mph. ok they are the proffesionals i agree, if we use common sense. on holly springs you can not keep a speed of 80mph she was coming from fuquay. so i considered them check their investigation AGAIN.ah that doesn't mean she wasn's speeding she had to be driving over the speed limit. I dont thnk she should be judge like a criminal people we all know she did a mistake and that mistake killed a 73 year old man. she is just 20 years who are we to judge her this way.

  • cheapskate Oct 15, 2010

    if carla turned 18 in US and was not legal, she cannot apply for citizenship - unless she can prove a need for political amnesty or unless she marries a citizen. Dream Act legislation that would provide a path/option for those kids keeps getting rejected as we cannot agree on immigration reform. We pay for their education and they are unable to choose to become taxpayers.