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House guest dies in Hoke County home invasion

Posted October 4, 2010
Updated October 5, 2010

— A man visiting friends in Raeford died of a gunshot wound following a Monday afternoon home invasion, Hoke County Sheriff Hubert Peterkin said.

Three men entered the home at 206 Somerset Drive at about 4 p.m., unaware that someone was inside, Peterkin said. After they discovered a man inside the home, the suspects opened fire.

Nicholas Bekiris, 31, a guest of the homeowners, was fatally wounded. In the fray, one of the intruders shot another one. The wounded man, whose name hasn't been released, was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover, Peterkin said.

The two other suspects – Richard David Perez, 20, of 3920 Nikita Drive in Hope Mills, and Justin Ryan Vasquez, 17, of 116 Cranbrook Court in Raeford – were in custody Monday night. Perez and Vasquez are charged with first-degree murder, felony breaking and entering and felony conspiracy.

Shooting Hoke home invasion turns deadly

Peterkin said he does not think the attack was random or that Bekiris knew his attackers. He said the intruders likely were familiar with the home and what was inside.

"There was probably something in the house that they wanted," he said. "It wasn't just picking anybody's home. I think they were familiar with these people, and they took advantage of an opportunity maybe to do something."

The homeowners were not home at the time of the crime.

Bekiris lived on Tahoe Court in Raeford and was employed by Tekton, a maintenance company at Fort Bragg.


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  • Sherlock Oct 6, 2010


    know a great deal about the Sheriff.

  • jjwood2424 Oct 5, 2010

    You people make me sick!! What does being a Democrat have to do with this poor man losing his life. If his last name was different you would be sending your prayers and mailing out sympathy cards!

  • roshenx117 Oct 5, 2010

    Moabit, what was he doing their without anyone being home? because i know part of the real story too and he wasnt alone.

  • Moabit Oct 5, 2010

    First of all this happened at an earlier time then 4 pm, second the people that live there are renting the house and third, the area gets patroled pretty often. So unless you live around here, you should not say things you know nothing about.And I also know what the guy was doing there without the other people around but it is nobodies business.

  • puff550 Oct 5, 2010

    Major806 it is obvious that you don't know much about Sheriff Peterkin. For starters he is on the radio and he does goes out with his troops quite often eventhough it is not his job. Next his Election was won in May with almost 90% of the vote and he has no opposition in november. He does not run again until 2014. Stop hating and get on the ballot in 4 years!!!!

  • Jeremiah Oct 5, 2010

    "Democrats love criminals with guns and regular citizens without them."

    sure big guy. you got a warped sense of reality.

  • Sherlock Oct 5, 2010

    Wonder what is inside the house and the location of the homeowers? Noticed that the Sheriff was out there with the news crew getting that air time before the election. I never hear him on the raidio at night or out working the road with his deputies, like Sheriff Sealy of Robeson County. Hoke is only out for the camers.

  • exposure102 Oct 5, 2010

    Democrats love criminals with guns and regular citizens without them.

  • freedomrings Oct 5, 2010

    BubbaDukeforPresident :

    Just curious how you know their immigration status? Or did you just assume it by their last name?

  • pappybigtuna1 Oct 5, 2010

    Rep. D. Ross is guilty of this murder. She single handedly "KILLED" the castle doctrine for this state. Law enforcement can not be everywhere all the time. This law she killed was going to put some teeth in the law, and allow folks to legally protect themselves. More pampering for the criminals