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Report: Teens were speeding before fatal north Raleigh wreck

Posted September 28, 2010

— Police on Tuesday identified the teens involved in a Monday afternoon collision with a Wake County school bus.

Jared Paul Williams, 14, of Raleigh, was killed when the 2006 Kia he was riding in ran into the back of a school bus on Falls of Neuse Road.

Driver David Lawrence Asato, 16, of Franklinton, and back-seat passenger Nolan Mayo Lundberg, 15, of Raleigh, were taken to WakeMed for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Both were listed in fair condition Tuesday.

All three teens are students at Neuse Christian Academy, a school in north Raleigh with 76 high school students.

Police said charges are pending against Asato, but investigators are still trying to piece together what happened.

A Wake County school bus was making a left turn from Falls of Neuse Road onto Harps Mill Road at about 4 p.m. Monday when the northbound Kia hit the right rear of the bus, according to an accident report. The Kia wound up under the bus, and the collision forced the back of the bus into a 1999 Honda, which was waiting at the traffic light at Harps Mill Road, the report said.

Jared Williams accident scene Report: Teens were speeding before fatal north Raleigh wreck

The bus driver, Willamia Ruffin Williams, 42, of Raleigh, and the two people in the Honda, Adolf Naum Lando, 79, and Tsitsiliya Semyonovna Lando, 73, both of Cary, were uninjured in the wreck.

No students were on the school bus at the time of the wreck.

The Kia was traveling at 60 mph before the collision, and there was no sign that Asato tried to brake or swerve to avoid the collision, according to the police report. The posted speed limit along that section of Falls of Neuse Road is 45 mph.

Police also noted that Asato has a provisional driver's license and is prohibited from having more than one non-family passenger in his car under North Carolina law.

Police asked again Tuesday for any witnesses to the wreck to come forward and help them determine exactly what happened. Anyone who saw the collision or saw any of the vehicles involved immediately prior to the crash is asked to call 919-996-3350.


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  • I tell it like I see it Sep 30, 2010

    I travel this part 3 to 4 times daily. This is something that hits home as I have children that go to N. Ridge a block away.

    People are passing judgment at who's at fault and why when the only thing we know is that the driver was speeding (~60) in a 45/ ‘School Zone’ and was ignoring his provisional guidelines set forth by the DMV (too many people in his car).

    It isn’t known if the bus turned illegally or had the right of way arrow. All we know is the bus driver was 'New' to this particular route.

    Regardless; lives have changed FOREVER!!! It's sickening to hear this type of news. My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved; even to the ones that happen to witness such tragedy.

    As far as the 'Black Box' in the car and bus; it is attainable as this is a crime. All the police need is to get a warrant from the courts which I'm sure has been done already.

  • elloslove Sep 29, 2010

    It is very sad to hear this story. My heart goes out to the family of the 14 year old. I also feel for the other two teens that were in the car as well as their familes. The bus driver in my opinion isn't at fault. She was doing her job. For a car to hit a bus and to make it spin and hit a tree, This car was packing serious speed. There were no marks on the road, the car never even stopped, even after going under the bus it still went a distance before stopping. The law is to follow the speed limit. The bus didn't turn in front of anyone. Speed is what was this unfortunate result in a young life ending, not the driver of the bus. Who is to say what came over the driver of the car. Noone knows but him. It was also raining the whole day. There should have been caution taken in the first place. God bless everyone that was in this accident.

  • lyteoflife Sep 29, 2010

    has anyone bothered to think if maybe the driver of the car hydroplaned? It is possible. Tired of reading about the blame game...no matter what, many many lives were changed forever. How would you feel if you were driving a car and one of your passengers - killed - in an instant...if it was your fault or not...it was still your passenger and that weighs heavily on anyone (if they are human). God bless all involved directly and indirectly.Peace be with them

  • andy2 Sep 29, 2010

    I think this is a case of an inexperienced driver. I am sure it was not his intent to run into the bus nor have his friend die in an accident. I have boys and I would be completely crushed by such a tragedy.

  • mpheels Sep 29, 2010

    Even without the "black box" from the car, it's possible to get a decent estimate of speed based on the damage to the car and bus, as well as the distance the car traveled after impact. It's also worth noting that the impact pushed the bus into a vehicle that was waiting at the light on Harps Mills. It takes a lot of force to push a bus sideways like that.

    That stretch of Falls can be congested, but isn't always congested yet at 4pm. It's very easy to be at the front of the pack at reach speeds of 60mph or faster. Earlier this year there was a wreck about 2 miles south on Falls (in front of St. Raphael's) where the car was traveling ~100mph.

    There is a protected green turn arrow for vehicles turn left onto Harps Mill. We do not yet know if the bus driver had the protected arrow. There are several banks at that intersection, I wonder if there is any security footage of the crash?

  • OGE Sep 29, 2010

    Just because the kid was speeding should not make the bus driver be less at fault for turning in front of him.

    The kid should only be charged with having too many underaged passengers in the car.

  • FE Sep 29, 2010

    It never ceases to amaze me to read comments such as "Both drivers are guilty of poor judgement" by yachtguychris.

    We don't (yet) know, but it is quite possible the bus driver did nothing, I repeat NOTHING, wrong if the left turn was made on a protected green arrow and the car ran through the red light at high speed.

    Yes, it is also possible the bus driver turned on a green (ball) light and misjudged the distance/speed of the oncoming car. Even then, what would otherwise be a "safe" turn gets difficult when an oncoming car is greatly exceeding the speed limit.

    Another scenario would be a legal bus turn at the end of the light cycle, where the car driver would be facing a yellow/red light, but instead chose to "run" it.

    Speculation is OK here, but making unfounded accusatory statements without ANY facts to support them is simply ridiculous!


  • blueline77us Sep 29, 2010

    A couple of comments. First, we need to keep in mind that a family just lost a 14 year old boy. Having a son myself I can't even IMAGINE the despair that they are feeling right now. Second no one is talking about the fact that the bus turned across 3 lanes of traffic NOT yeilding the right of way to oncomming traffic. Speeding or not, if the posted limit is 45 and the car was moving 60 that bus, if it did make it across was cutting it WAY too close. Regardless of the speed of the car the bus is at least 70% at fault for not yeilding the right of way to oncomming traffic. I drive this road every day at this time and traffic is tight and bumper to bumper. Third, the speed of the car was estimated.Police cannot get that information off of the vehicle for 2 reasons. 1st they do not have the proper equipment to read the ECM and second privacy issues are involved. As of right now this information is the property of the vehicle owner and is not even admissable in court. So unless the have per

  • allie19 Sep 29, 2010

    Wow, what a story. For 2 days WRAl has let everyone know that the teenager wouldn't be dead if they weren't speeding. It was THEIR fault the kid is dead. Best wishes to the family from WRAL.

  • Shamrock Sep 29, 2010

    "naacpwhatever: its not about raising the age...we have 20-30-40-50-something year olds that can't drive." lovesome