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Crime scene evidence focus of Hare trial testimony

Posted September 20, 2010

— Jurors got an up-close look at evidence Monday in the murder trial of a man accused of scheming to kill and murdering an Apex High School senior two years ago because he was jealous of the relationship the teen had with his girlfriend.

Thomas Como, an agent with the Wake County City-County Bureau of Identification, spent the morning going over evidence that investigators recovered from the scene where 18-year-old Matthew Silliman was found on Dec. 2, 2008.

Ryan Patrick Hare, 19, one of four people charged in the case, is on trial and faces a life sentence in prison if he's found guilty.

Como testified that he lifted fingerprints from the mobile home where the crime occurred and on the SUV of Hare's girlfriend, Allegra Dahlquist.

Jurors were able to examine up-close the evidence, which included duct tape that investigators believe was placed over Silliman's mouth, zip ties used to bind his hands and feet and plastic bags that were placed on his feet and head.

Prosecutors say Hare and three others, including Dahlquist, lured Silliman to the abandoned trailer in New Hill, where he stayed for several days, believing his friends were helping him flee from a mysterious man who was out to have him killed.

Meanwhile, witnesses testified, the three had dug a grave near some railroad tracks off Old U.S. Highway 64 in southern Wake County. Hare, they said, also talked about ways to kill Silliman after a first attempt to suffocate him with a zip tie failed.

Dahlquist, whose testimony was part of a plea deal with the state, testified last week that Hare's second plan, ultimately, was to hit Silliman on the head with a hammer and choke him while she distracted him with a tarot card reading.

Silliman was unfazed by the blow to the head, she said, and it was Hare's idea to convince Silliman that he needed to end his life.

After he passed out from a cocktail of wine and horse tranquilizers, Hare, Dahlquist and another teen, Aadil Khan, bound Silliman's hands and feet with zip ties, taped his mouth with duct tape and put a plastic bag over his head that was fastened with a zip tie.

Investigators found Silliman wrapped up in his sleeping bag. An autopsy determined he died from asphyxiation.

The prosecution is expected to wrap up its case this week, when it's expected that Hare's attorney, Robert Padovano will show that Hare's role in Silliman's death was one of assisted suicide, not murder.


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  • Doesntmatter Sep 20, 2010

    PLEASE can we stop referring to horse BUTE as a tranqualizer, it is NOT - it is a pain releaver.

  • wbearp Sep 20, 2010

    Muddy up the water and throw the blame on everyone else. Blame the parents, the cops, the lab,,,, and even the victim. An so it goes...

  • Go Figure Sep 20, 2010

    NONE of these criminals should get any kind of plea bargain, who was there to plea for this poor boy's life...

  • Go Figure Sep 20, 2010

    this sickens me all the way around...

  • UreapwhatUsow Sep 20, 2010

    So when my ex-husband said he'd rather be dead than live with me, that was a cry to assist him in suicide? If I'd only known. See how ridiculous that sounds Mr.Padovano!

  • Adelinthe Sep 20, 2010

    gibson - "So the people who killed Matt say he wanted to die and we're supposed to believe them..."

    Even if that's true, you don't help someone to die, you get them help to live.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Sep 20, 2010

    Ryan Patrick Hare is evil, and the others are little better than him.

    Kahn was Silliman's closest friend, and yet he no only led the trusting young man to this, he left him to face his fate and left his body to rot in that empty trailer.

    They should all be imprisoned for the rest of their lives - with no chance of ever being paroled.

    God bless.


  • Tray Cee Sep 20, 2010

    Kahn is not going to testify. It was said last week I believe that he is no longer cooperating and they have pulled his plea deal arrangment because of that.

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Sep 20, 2010

    When is Kahn going to testify? Or is he not going to?

  • gibsonrj Sep 20, 2010

    So the people who killed Matt say he wanted to die and we're supposed to believe them...assisted suicide...if it's that easy the floodgates are about to be opened. Yes your I honor I shot him because he asked me too.