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Dozens of vehicle tires slashed in northwest Raleigh neighborhood

Posted September 15, 2010
Updated September 16, 2010

— Residents of the Harrington Grove community along Leesville Road in Raleigh have fallen victim to what appears to be a serial tire slasher.

Most vehicles were parked on the roadside when their tires were slashed early Tuesday around N. Radner Way and Village Lawn Drive.

Student Ryan Kirby said the tires on the left side of his car were slashed and went flat. It cost him $170 to get the tires replaced.

"I'm just very angry and mad,” Kirby said Wednesday of the vandalism.

Bill Gildhaus said two of his front truck tires, which cost $1,500 each, were punctured with a knife on Morning Edge Drive. 

"It leaves people with a lot of hassle and a lot of expense as well,” he said.

April Hutson, who runs the Harrington Grove Community Watch, said police have confirmed more than 20 cases of cut tires around the neighborhood.

"It is scary," she said.

However, some victims did not call police. Hutson said she thinks the number of slashed tires is likely much higher.

"AAA had received 50 calls for communities off of Leesville Road alone for tire slashings,” she said. "(But) we are looking now. We are aware of it, and we are going to hopefully stop this."

Some surrounding neighborhoods also have reports of tires slashed.

Anyone with information on the vandalism that might assist the investigation is asked to call Raleigh Crime Stoppers at 919-834-HELP.


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  • Vietnam Vet Sep 16, 2010

    I don't know where all these tangents are coming from. Large tires are inherently expensive and that fact is irrevelant! This man's personal property (and many others) was vandalized for no apparent reason and the persons responsible need to be caught and and made to pay restitution for ALL the damages done in that area.

  • old man sam Sep 16, 2010

    Geeesh, you folks are still ranting over a few funny comments I made hours ago? Losers! Just sayin', when you stick your neck out too far from the norm you will end up being target for one reason or another. Besides, i'm sure he has a tire protection plan, right?

  • dogluvr26 Sep 16, 2010

    DandyJenn--please re-read my post. My point was indeed that it's his money--I don't care if the tires were $15 or $1500, the fact remains that they are this guy's tires that he personally paid for. It doesn't make it right for someone else to encourage vandalism simply because they think the tire purchaser doesn't have his priorities straight. It's the same as encouraging arson on a $1M home simply because it's a lot to spend on something. In either case, the person's priorities could be just fine. They just happen to spend money on something that others wouldn't or couldn't necessarily spend. The one whose priorities come into question is the one who encourages criminal activity.

    Jealousy rears its ugly head, I suppose...

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Sep 16, 2010

    "So this guy wastes 6k on tires and then he will expect us to subsidise his retirement. I wouldn't care if I didn't have to pay Soc Security Tax, but I do."

    Pretty sure he pays social security tax too, and probably pays more into it than you do. Next?

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Sep 16, 2010

    "hahahaha....$1500 for each tire? Hopefully the kid punctured it through the sidewall so it can't be repaired. Anyone that spends that much on wheels or tires doesn't have his or her priorities straight."

    Seriously? Wow. So let me get this straight. Get good grades, go to college, bust your rump to graduate, get a job, work hard, have the ability to spend $6k on tires, and that's wrong? How do you know how much this guy donates to charity or what he does for his community?

    How would you like it if someone came to your house and ruined something YOU worked hard for? I mean, after all, you've got no business having anything other than bare necessities or your priorities are way off, right?

    Jealous much?

  • obs Sep 16, 2010

    "So this guy wastes 6k on tires and then he will expect us to subsidise his retirement"

    What about the gov't subsidized tax breaks on completely unnecessary and ridiculously overpriced McMansions? The 'nanny state' is subsidizing excess, greed, vanity, and lack of common sense at the expense of the frugal taxpayers.

  • baracus Sep 16, 2010

    "Why weren't the cars parked in the garages? "

    Because many of the houses on that street have a one car garage or no garage at all?

  • YourMom Sep 16, 2010

    Were they just juveniles killing time? local or from another (possibly less well-off)area? nearby residents (or HOA) sick of people parking in the street? extreme environmentalists (were they all SUVs)? I wonder if we'll ever know.

  • gemsmom Sep 16, 2010

    Why weren't the cars parked in the garages? A few years back, someone was breaking into cars, and they only broke into the cars that were parked on the street.

  • chasityhamm Sep 16, 2010

    amen dogluvr26 !