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Garner Rescue chief quits amid sex assault probe

Posted September 8, 2010

— The chief of Garner Rescue Squad resigned Tuesday, six days after a department employee was accused of a sexual assault.

A woman reported to Garner police that she was assaulted on Sept. 1 in the former offices of Garner EMS & Rescue Squad on Seventh Avenue by a Garner Rescue employee, Lt. Chris Hagwood of the Garner Police Department said Wednesday.

Rescue Squad Chief Bill Frederick resigned Tuesday, but it wasn't immediately clear if the move was linked to the assault allegation.

garner EMS Garner Rescue chief quits amid sex assault probe

Ralph Smith, the chairman of Garner Rescue's board of directors, said Frederick didn't provide a reason for stepping down, other than saying it was "a personal matter."

Fourteen years ago, Frederick resigned from the Sanford Police Department amid allegations that he traded leniency on criminal charges for sexual favors. He was later convicted of attempted obstruction of justice and was placed on probation.

Frederick couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday.

Smith said no other Garner Rescue employees have resigned or been fired.

"Personally, I really regretted it. He has great experience. He's done a good job for the Garner EMS operationally for years," he said.

Garner Mayor Ronnie Williams said the situation has left him frustrated.

"There are so many good things happening in Garner. To hear about something like this (is difficult)," Williams said. "I'm borderline angry, but I stopped at frustration. Probably the longer I think about it, the more angry I will become."

The assault allegation is the latest problem for the troubled rescue squad, which was formerly known as Garner EMS & Rescue. Wake County EMS took over emergency medical services in Garner in May because of Garner EMS' mounting financial difficulties.

The squad continues to provide rescue services to Garner and non-emergency ambulance services, which operates as Garner Medical Transport, under a one-year, $280,000 contract with the town.


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  • med4centrl Sep 10, 2010

    antares911 - you have the attitude that is the problem with EMS today. "we do it so that we don't get fired." You see EMS as "a job" and not a gift that you have to help others and impact their lives. Shame on you and the rest of the new EMS generation like you. I've been in the EMS field for almost 20 years myself. I'm also serious about "countless lives." The man was EMS Chief in Lee County for several years as well. I've seen him disentangle people from wreckage when nobody else could figure out how. You're one of the ones who holds little value to the EMT part of your credential when in fact that is the portion that saves more lives than your Paramedic portion ever will. The newer breed of EMS professionals see it as a job because they've never volunteered, they've never done it for free and they've never had to treat or transport their own loved ones, friends or neighbors. Their patients have no faces. Mine still do.

  • antares911 Sep 10, 2010

    med4centrl - I've worked with Garner EMS; then again, who hasn't?. I've been in EMS for a long time and using the term "saved COUNTLESS lives" is soooo over-rated. Especially considering he was just an EMS-Basic, that means not even a Paramedic. I'm not hating on the man, he got his job done for the most part. And we get up in the middle of the night and in the middle of a meal because it's our job. We don't do it because we know the person or not, we do it so that we don't get fired. Not saying that we don't love helping others because we do but there are a lot of people out there that help others without "saving their loves" that are just as important as we are. Except those people aren't accused scuzbuckets. I said accused, so he could be innocent. Of this charge, anyway...

  • med4centrl Sep 9, 2010

    Regardless of the accusations and the truth of them, Bill Frederick served the community for over 30 years and saved COUNTLESS lives during that time. There are many people alive today because of him and his service. The justice system will work things out appropriately, but don't forget this man gave a lot for many years, sacrificed meals, sleep, vacations and family to do a thankless job. The people in this forum don't even know what the accusations are, and who is involved, you have all cast stones from your glass houses without knowing the truth. If Bill is indeed at fault for something, let justice be served and let him get what is due. But don't forget, he may very well have saved many of your loved ones. Over 30 years of your life dedicated to helping others is a long time. Many of you in this forum have no idea what it's like nor would you get up in the middle of the night or the middle of a meal to go help someone you don't know.

  • wildcat Sep 9, 2010

    He had the board fooled I guess.

    You made a good comment, but the question is how well did anyone know this man. The truth always comes out.

  • allie19 Sep 9, 2010

    Oh my gosh did he ever abuse his authority! Screaming and cussing at employees, sqealing tires when mad in a Garner EMS vehicle, lying, the list goes on. Guess people do really get whats coming to them! A LOT of people left Garner EMS because of this guy and went to the county. He had the board fooled I guess.

  • ncmedic201 Sep 9, 2010

    Inter Alios, this wasn't a government job. Garner EMS is a private entity that receives part of it's funding from the government. Many Fire and EMS agencies are actually private.

  • greg11 Sep 9, 2010

    This doesn't suprise me. This guy was a big zero when he worked for the Sanford PD. He was corrupt and Abused his athority many
    times. I don't know all the facts in this case but it seems stuff like this seems to follow old Bill around.

  • Inter Alios Sep 9, 2010

    Garner EMS and Rescue, just like the Sanford Police Dept., is enabling this guy to go from one government job to the next and abuse people by allowing him to "resign for personal reasons", instead of firing him for misconduct and letting future prospective employers know exactly why he left the job. How did he get this job anyway with a felony conviction?

  • kclarke76 Sep 9, 2010

    Just like in every occupation, there are rotten apples....because he has made some very bad decisions doesn't mean the integrity of the EMS system has been compromised at all. Garner EMS had some financial problems and asked for help from Wake County and they got it....how many of you had help lately because you were in financial despair? "He who hath no sin shall cast the first stone". Don't be so quick to point the finger. If he has done anything wrong here (we are all aware of the past allegations, but we are talking about the present situations here) I am sure WRAL will do their duty and report EVERYTHING they can find. I just hope they reveal ALL the information...including the accusor as well.....

  • suckit69 Sep 9, 2010

    no one who has worked with this guy is the LEAST bit suprised at this...i personally hope he gets what he deserves because he certainly deserves quite a bit !