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Wilson man accused of stealing ambulance

Posted August 5, 2010
Updated August 6, 2010

— A Wilson man is accused of stealing an ambulance from an emergency room on Wednesday morning.

Chris Thompson, assistant director for Wilson County Emergency Medical Services, said a man took the ambulance while workers were transporting a patient to an emergency room at Wilson Medical Center.

A crew member went to put the stretcher in the ambulance and saw it was pulling away, Thompson said.

"The truck was pulling off with the back doors open," EMS director Terry Barber said.

The crew member immediately called a supervisor.

Man accused of stealing ambulance Man accused of stealing ambulance

The emergency department is located behind the EMS station, at 1817 Glendale Drive, so the ambulance actually came by the station, he said. The supervisor started following it.

At the corner of Glendale Drive and Downing Street, emergency workers said Dantral Pope, 22, stopped the ambulance and stepped out. The supervisor chatted with him until police arrived.

The supervisor stayed at the scene until the police got there, and Pope was taken into custody.

Pope, of 2303 Sutton Place Northwest, Apt. 100, was charged with larceny of a motor vehicle. He was being held Thursday under a $1,000 bond in the Wilson County jail.

Daniel Pope said his brother, Dantral Pope, has a mental condition.

"He hasn't been taking his medicine for weeks now. He is on four or five types of medication," Daniel Pope said.

Daniel Pope said his brother had just been discharged from the hospital.

"He went because he was hearing voices," he said.


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  • Nc fire resq 29 Aug 6, 2010

    Wow really a guy was discharged from the er and BAM!!!!! your ambulance is gone sounds like they may need the kill switch on those ambulance. But this is a great story lol buy remember there was a wake co ambulance stolen and the guy that stole it was killed in a wreck with that ambulance thank god this did not happen.

  • G-man Aug 6, 2010

    Yep it's the ambulance drivers fault. No wait it's Bush's fault.

  • outback1967 Aug 6, 2010

    Maybe he thought it was a ice cream truck.

  • drj32 Aug 6, 2010

    look at you all condemning a mentally ill individual. you might as well ask for euthanasia for all dogs that break loose of their owner and pee or #2 on someone else's lawn. a rational person woud be scrutinizing the emergency workers and or the practices they were taught for leaving an emergency vehicle unattended with keys in the ignition and doors unlocked.

    "i wish his mother needed that ambalamps blah blah blah". like an innocent lady, who obviously already has the burden of having a mentally ill child, deserves that.

  • Pseudonym Aug 6, 2010

    An ambulance is the perfect getaway vehicle. You turn on the lights and siren, everybody gets out of your way.

    Not that I know from experience ;-)

  • smokiejoe Aug 6, 2010

    Once again,the system has failed.We have facilities for people
    like this.They're called mental hospitals.We don't need people like this on the streets or in group homes.Working at a mental hospital it's seen far to often.That people are being dischared
    or sent to group homes when in reality they need to stay.It's time to get politcs out of mental health care.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Aug 6, 2010

    Duh.. Duh.. tada Duh!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!

  • BusyBee with a purpose Aug 6, 2010

    Thank god none of you have family members who are mentally ill & even worse have an illness you hear voices. So glad no one was hurt and it ended peacefully without casualties. Saying a prayer for this guy & his family.

  • G-man Aug 6, 2010

    Would have been great had his mother needed one at the time.

  • bluewind Aug 6, 2010

    only in Wilson...