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Secretary's texts to ex-Highway Patrol major released

Posted July 9, 2010
Updated July 13, 2010

— Officials on Friday released more text messages in the investigation into a long-time state Highway Patrol spokesman.

Maj. Everett Clendenin, who served as spokesman for the state agency for nine years, resigned two weeks ago amid an internal investigation into inappropriate text messages to his secretary, Pam Maynard.

He had been on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the probe, which began three weeks ago.

On Friday, Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety Reuben Young released a series of messages exchanged between Maynard and Clendenin in April through June.

"I will not infringe on Ms. Maynard’s privacy – nor any other state employee’s – and possibly violate her constitutional rights by releasing purely personal text messages," Young said in a statement. "Instead, at the appropriate time I will ask my lawyers to present those text messages to the court for its review in chambers to determine if any of those personal texts are public records available for public inspection.”

In addition to the business-related messages that were released, officials mistakenly released personal messages, including a conversation log between Maynard and Clendenin during May. WRAL believes these messages are public record.

Highway Patrol cruiser generic More text messages released in HP spokesman scandal

In the messages, Maynard and Clendenin have conversations about drinking, she texts him from the shower and the store, and even while driving. The two often mention that they need to "clear out" or delete their text message sessions.

Throughout the messages the two flirt with one another. 

Read Maynard and Clendenin’s text message conversations from May

In a May 8 chat session between the two just before midnight, Clendenin said, "OK I will say this – I would have hated to have gone through this life and have never met you."

"Wow! Talk about walls coming down," Maynard said.

Maynard later asked Clendenin how much he had to drink, he responded. "Enough to get in trouble with you."

Maynard replied, "U (sic) can be sober & get into trouble w/ (with) me ;)"

The two also repeatedly used emoticons for kisses and hugs throughout the texts and exchanged photos.

In total, the two exchanged thousands of text messages over a three month period.

WRAL and other media organizations have filed a legal complaint to obtain all text messages sent to Clendenin from Maynard on the grounds that they are public information because they were received on Clendenin's state-issued Blackberry.

"I stand by my earlier statement-there was no physical relationship between us," Clendenin said in a statement on Friday. "We were just cutting up and most messages were meaningless. As before, I apologize for the embarrassment my actions caused."

Many of the messages Clendenin sent to Maynard were released last week.

They included messages where Clendenin referred to Maynard as “addicting.” He also called her "sweetie and cutie."

"I do know you and I luv (sic) what I see," one message on May 28 read.

"I can only speak for me you can't hide your true feelings. Your eyes and smile tell the whole story," he wrote later that day.

Throughout the text messages, Clendenin used emoticons for kisses and hearts.

On May 30, Clendenin sent the following message, "Yea u would not be laughing if u knew what I was thinking. You'd be moaning."

A June 6 message read, "You were on fire last night."


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  • superman Jul 12, 2010

    The SHP did it again! Instead of using their "0" tolerance policy and firing him -- they allowed him to resign. Yet another blunder by them. He should have been fired. Another situation where they help to cover up each other. He will be able to get another law enforement job easy-since he can say he was not fired. Also they released messages they didnt mean to. And they cant find the governor's travel records. The whole department needs to be investigated. They rotten from the top down. The SHP commander had an affair years ago and they just simply transferred him.

  • fugitive guy Jul 9, 2010

    What kind of man uses emoticons?

  • djofraleigh Jul 9, 2010

    So far, this is over done. I guess the woman's HP hubby objected. If an officer is using his job to puck up and flirt with citizens, then no one thinks a woman is safe on the road, esp at night.

  • rhowerton Jul 9, 2010

    look at her text messages

  • mamabearprotectinghercub Jul 9, 2010

    You are right didisaythat they shouldn't even have text. And that is wasting money on our tax money. Also he should take the laws seriously, he should be charged with what he done. He should make an example, & in this case this guy didn't & there are probably more then just him, which they have had several get in trouble with the ones that are in the news. There are several more that probably haven't got in the news.

  • twc Jul 9, 2010

    I don't understand why his secretary is not being held to the high standards of the SHP. Or is she? Can't tell because it's all about Clendenin.

    I would think he would be a fool to keep sending messages if he was not receiving encouraging feedback.

  • didisaythat Jul 9, 2010

    I can't believe this guy even made it past the psych test. Have you all read these texts? This is worst thing I have ever seen. I am glad they got him out of that position of telling people on the news what is going on with the SHP before he hurt someone. This probably cost taxpayers billions of dollars in text charges..I don't care if they have unlimited texts. If he was texting while driving it just shows how police think they are above the law. He needs to be charged for some crime from what I can tell was NEVER committed.

  • LEO 101 Jul 9, 2010

    Why keep on with this? He has resigned/quit or whatever you call it. The media loves to destroy people's lives

  • twc Jul 9, 2010

    Just checked WTVD; they're more of Clendenin's messages--not his secretary's.

    Why can't we have both sides? Was she that straight and narrow that she doesn't deserve reprimand?

    SHP, whole story, please!

  • exquisite1 Jul 9, 2010

    Okay, so the old man was trying to get some on the side....he's not employed with the NCSHP anymore, so unless they're going to try him for sexual misconduct charges, who cares?