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Raleigh officials reach settlement to close Club Envy

Posted July 6, 2010

— Raleigh officials have reached a settlement to close Club Envy, a nightclub that has been the site of numerous crimes in recent years.

The City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a settlement that permits the Wake County Superior Court to enter an order imposing restrictions on the owner and operator of the nightclub.

The city attorney's office, Raleigh Police Department and state Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement reached the settlement with SCB Investments LLC, the owner of the property at 3201 New Bern Ave. where Club Envy operated; Bowties Restaurant Group LLC, the operator of the club; and Benjamin Becker, the manager of Club Envy.

The agreement prevents Becker and Bowties Restaurant Group from holding any ownership interest in any business in the city. Becker is also prohibited from managing any nightclub in the city.

Becker and Bowties also face the prospect of reimbursing the city $18,400 for investigative costs and attorney’s fees. The amount will be reduced by $3,860 over each of the next five years as long as they comply with the terms of the judgment, so they would owe nothing at the end of five years.

The North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission revoked Club Envy's liquor license in May under the agency's Last Call program. The program targeted clubs where a pattern of violence existed.

According to Raleigh police records, officers have been called to Club Envy and its predecessor, Black Tie Nightlife, more than 200 times since January 2009 on complaints that included two shootings, five stabbings, two strong-armed robberies, one rape, one attempted rape, 31 assaults, 10 disturbances, fighting and eight reports of shots fired.

In late May, Andre Dane Gregory, 26, and Lamar Antuan Harris, 26, were shot at the club. Justin Terrell Griffis, 22, of 3760 Tryon Ridge Road in Raleigh, was charged with two counts of attempted murder in connection with the shootings.

In the ABC's order to suspend Club Envy's liquor license, Raleigh police and other law enforcement described conditions at the club as hazardous. Authorities were at a substantial risk when responding to the location and didn’t enter the establishment without sufficient law enforcement back up, the document stated.

Israel Morrow, an ALE special agent, said in a sworn affidavit that he would not visit the club when it was open without backup officers due to concern for his safety.

Raleigh officials tightened some local regulations after a man was shot and killed three years ago outside the club.


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  • sweet4you Jul 7, 2010

    I am happy it's closed but the problem is with the management not the clientel. If the business had proper management that cared about the people that frequent the club all this mess would not go on but NO they are too money hungry to care. Money drives people for the wrong reasons. It would be nice to have a place for young folks to hang out an denjoy but the people owning these clubs hold a deaf ear to what is going on in/out of the establishment. If I owned a club it would be right on time because I wouldn't put up with the foolishness these young folks carry on. I would start by making them all pull up their pants.

  • lizard78 Jul 7, 2010

    Which city is this club in?

  • bronzegoddess40 Jul 7, 2010

    Why would Rev. Barber be involved with this, because this club's clientele were mostly African American? I don't think he would be interested in this. It is so funny how someone wants to make a remark about blacks or other minorities, the code words are most often "the Revs" or some other dumb comment. I am for one glad that the MESS is closed and would love for another great restaurant like Swain's to be put there.

  • iworkandpaytaxes Jul 7, 2010

    Please let us not get down on the clientele too much. I would hate to have the Rev. Barber start another useless campaign. And yes, Club Envy's former customers have indeed invaded downtown, they go back and forth between Club Dolce and Club Raleigh Live, all night every Friday And Saturday night. Downtown definitly has a different feel to it know. There is also more crime then in years past. Also club VIP on capital is host to a lot of CLub Envy's cusotmers, lots of traffic on Capital Blvd when they are open. And they have a huge police presence. Funny how only certain types of clubs attract the need police and others do not. Why does this genre of people need to act in this way?
    July 6, 2010 5:59 p.m.
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    Only certain clubs? Longbranch has police. FOUBAR has police. Stilllife has police. Reds Beach has police. HI-Five has police. Red Room has police. Ess Loungs has police. PB's has police. ALE House has police. DO YOU EVER GO OUT? What did your braindead comment

  • AuntySocial Jul 7, 2010

    Kamikaze's hired off-duty Raleigh Police Officer's and still had problems. I used to work across the street from that one and would dread the nights it was open.

  • CharliesImages Jul 7, 2010

    "Not True , The Long Branch operated for decades----different type of club IF you know what I mean. ."

    Batcave you are correct. Longbranch was known for its "zero tolerance" on troublemakers. They had no problem removing them from the premises and banning them from returning.

  • CharliesImages Jul 7, 2010

    My hope is that Raleigh officials move forward and write into our city laws new hours of operation for Sunday nights for these types of venues. A lot of the publicized trouble at the location happened on a night and at a time that most people (even those that enjoy weekend clubs) would never even consider being out. I hope we take action now so we aren't reading of another Sunday night and the same situations at some other venue.

  • Kelbad1 Jul 6, 2010

    The building is for lease and today they had an auction there.

  • batcave Jul 6, 2010


    Not True , The Long Branch operated for decades----different type of club IF you know what I mean.

  • grasshopperrtp2 Jul 6, 2010

    All they had to do was hire off duty NCHP.Talking about a major clean up.