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Fourth suspect arrested in Moore County robbery, shooting

Posted June 30, 2010

— Moore County Sheriff Lane Carter announced Wednesday morning that a fourth suspect has been arrested in the Monday robbery of a convenience store that led to the shooting of an elderly couple.

Paris Yusef Mack, 17, of 915 Richards St. in Southern Pines, was charged Tuesday as the suspected getaway driver who fled from the robbery at Exxon Short Stop Food Mart in Lakeview.

Investigators said that late Monday, Angus Gene Kelly, 78, drove up to the store to see three men robbing his wife, 75-year-old store clerk Grace Kelly, at gunpoint. He fired a shotgun through the window, striking one man in the face. Investigators said the getaway driver fled, and two men inside the store used Grace Kelly as a shield, prompting an exchange of gunfire in which Angus and Grace Kelly were shot.

Grace Kelly was treated Monday night, while Angus Kelly was in serious condition at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill late Tuesday.

The injured suspect – Randy Joel Williams, 17, of Southern Pines – was in critical condition at Moore Regional Hospital.

Mack was placed in the Moore County Detention Center, along with suspects Leroy Richard Medley, 20, of Southern Pines, and Demarcus James Dennison, 18, of Polkton. They were given separate $250,000 bonds, and all face two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and one count each of first-degree kidnapping and armed robbery.

Carter said the men might have committed a series of armed robberies from Moore County to Charlotte over the past several months.

Three of the suspects have criminal records in Moore County, according to state Department of Correction records.

DOC records show that Mack served a 2-month sentence earlier this year for violating his probation stemming from a 2009 conviction for possession of drugs with intent to sell. Williams was on probation for 2010 and 2009 larceny convictions, including one felony, and Medley has 2007 convictions for misdemeanor larceny and wanton injury to personal property. Vigil held for couple wounded in store robbery Vigil held for couple wounded in store robbery

Family friend Billy Chavis said Angus Angus Kelly waited in the parking lot whenever Grace Kelly closed the store, where she's worked for nearly 30 years.

"He comes every time she closes, just to protect her. It's his wife," Chavis said.

More than 50 people held a vigil at the convenience store Tuesday night to support the Kellys and raise money for their medical care.

"Remind each other, encourage each other to give. This is going to be a tough battle for Gene and Grace," vigil organizer and friend Mark Metcalf said, standing on the bumper of a Ford pickup to address the crowd.

Vigil participants said the Kellys are a fixture of the communities of Lakeview and Vass – "real good country people," Chavis called them.

Angus Kelly is a farmer who sells eggs and produce, Chavis said. Many at the vigil recalled Grace Kelly as a mother figure, who helped others in times of trouble and busted underage people who wanted to get into trouble by buying beer.

"We're close-knit folks," said Tonya Keith, and the vigil shows "that we believe in one another, that we're close and we have a strong spiritual backing."


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  • Mugu Jul 9, 2010

    Having children reaps great rewards, from the government. We need to repeal all of this stuff and put these people to work.

  • whatusay Jun 30, 2010

    Civil Rights Act of 1964. White, black, or any other race, the Civil Rights Act made people dependent on the government for survival and rewarded women for having kids without being married. The more fatherless kids, the more income. Who needs education when the government will pay you to sit home and do nothing except have kids. That's why illegals are here, because our government is paying Americans to "not work". Crime is the only way out for the men, and welfare is the only way out for the women. The product is "CRIME, DRUGS, WELFARE".

  • FitnessMan Jun 30, 2010

    2 older people, trying to work and make a living and the other one, with love, picks her up from work every night. this criminals deserve death and nothing else. We can no longer tolerate this in our society. Surprise that they have a criminal record. It is time to either keep people in jail, or end them.

  • G-man Jun 30, 2010

    The parents? The father is no where to be found. The mother thinks her baby is the finest thing since slcied bread and she will go every weekend to prison to see him. She will bring his babies and all the other family members to prison like it is something to fine to go there. She will tell you he is really not a bad kid he just got involved with the wrong crowd. She will spend every dime of her welfare check sending him money and buying gas to come see him.

  • phoebelouise Jun 30, 2010

    the Kelly's are GREAT AMERICANS!

  • roberttt42 Jun 30, 2010

    GWALLY - You are probably 100% correct - OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK! I think the welfare system should take the brunt of budget shortfalls.

  • kaddy912 Jun 30, 2010

    No matter what anybody says, I could not even imagine what I would do in this situation...but I can only hope that I would be brave enough to do the same thing as he did. If the good Lord said it was my time, I couldn't think of a better way to go than defending my family.

  • NoFreakinWay Jun 30, 2010

    if the guy had had a machine gun he could've sprayed all their thug faces! Let that be a lesson citizens, arm yourselves with the good stuff!

  • roberttt42 Jun 30, 2010

    jackieflash42....the cycle of crime continues for EVERYONE - not just 'those in the african-american communities'

  • roberttt42 Jun 30, 2010

    Disgusting. Where are the parents? Who are the parents? What do they have to say about their children? Probably not much...It's a sign of the times!