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Former Person County DA charged in SBI probe

Posted June 17, 2010

— The former district attorney for Person and Caswell counties was charged Thursday with nine misdemeanor charges stemming from a State Bureau of Investigation probe.

Joel Brewer is accused of stopping drivers by flashing a gold badge and using dismissed cases to win votes in his re-election campaigns.

Court documents filed Thursday afternoon show Brewer was charged with seven misdemeanor counts of assault on a female for allegations of inappropriate touching and kissing.

He was also charged with one count of impersonating a law enforcement officer and one count of willfully failing to discharge duties for allegedly directing an assistant district attorney to dismiss a case against a woman with whom Brewer had been trying to pursue a relationship.

The alleged offenses date to July 2008.

In another search warrant also made public Thursday, a witness told investigators that Brewer kept a file of minor citations he dismissed and during past elections, called the offenders and ask them for their vote and help working the polls.

At least two of the seven women accusing Brewer of unwanted advances or touching them inappropriately work in the district attorney's office, WRAL confirmed Thursday night.

Brewer, who was not arrested on the charges, declined to comment Thursday and referred all questions to his attorneys, George Daniel and Butch Williams. Daniel said he could not comment.

He has a court date set for July 8.

Joel Brewer, former Person County DA Ex-DA faces sex charges

Brewer retired in February amid the SBI probe, which began last fall, and unsuccessfully fought to keep details of a search of his office at the Person County Courthouse from being released.

SBI agents searched the office in February and seized two folders containing pink copies of citations, notes, phone messages and letters, according to a search warrant released returned in March. One file was for male defendants, and the other was for female defendants, the warrant states.

Agents also seized a gold-colored badge with "District Attorney" and "J.H. Brewer" engraved on the shield, according to the warrant.


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  • JAKOFALLTRADES Jun 18, 2010

    heelrox,, i totally agree!!!! there is a lot more to this story its just not being told and will be swept under the rug!

  • shortcake53 Jun 18, 2010

    Just looking at him gives me the creeps. I cant imagine having to endure him touching me for ANY reason. I hope the women get justice.

  • The Fox Jun 18, 2010

    Oh No, they busted Ned Beatty!

  • nanasix Jun 18, 2010

    No, not surprised at the corruption in the justice system. Here in Carteret County the DA & his Asst. have refused for three (3) years to indict an illegal for felony Bigamy, when they have everything in their hands to convict him. One judge involved signed a fraudulent "Annulment" order, thinking he wouldn't be charged with Bigamy. They allow DWI's and other offenses to be continued 8-10 and more times. I've even found cases going back to 2007. What I've noticed is that a few specific attorneys get exactly what they want. There is no justice anymore. One atty was seen to have dropped a tiny bag of drugs on the courtroom floor, reached down, picked it up and kept walking. Then we have one charged with DWI, that represents defendants on the same charge...with no action ever taken, no suspension, nothing, and he keeps driving. There's no justice anywhere int he system. The clerk of court made a decision based on what one crooked atty told her, vs. what the law clearly said in that a Big

  • heelrox Jun 18, 2010

    Just goes to show you there are two sets of laws, being from his district I know his office was run like the white house, A LOT OF BACK ROOM DEALS. If the only thing the SBI could charge him with was misdemeanors then something smells a little funny.

  • pinkiglock Jun 18, 2010

    I'm not surprised. The thing here is that the dismissals themselves didn't raise any suspicions from the beginning -- is it that dismissals are the norm? I think they are.

  • itom68 Jun 18, 2010

    corruption at all levels

    anyone surprised??

  • lvhv2003 Jun 18, 2010

    Difficult to believe that the charges are just misdemeanors! There will be a plea bargain and I bet the good ol' boy DA won't have to serve any time. Strip him of his retirement immediately! What an abuse of power! He was no public servant.

  • jkbird Jun 18, 2010

    Ahhh! Justice finally! He sure didn't serve the people of this district, in my opinion he was more crooked than the clients he prosecuted. At last, at last!

  • blackdog Jun 17, 2010

    What is it going to take for NC to be recognized by "The Onion" ?