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Private clubs to also feel effects of smoking ban

Posted December 31, 2009
Updated January 1, 2010

— Private clubs such as Bonedaddy’s Hideaway in Raleigh are preparing to go smoke-free starting Saturday when a new smoking ban takes effect.

“We thought it would never be passed, but it was,” said Fred Smith, co-owner of Bonedaddy’s.

Non-profit private clubs, country clubs and cigar bars are exempt from the smoking restrictions. In order for a cigar bar to qualify for the exception, it must satisfy a list of criteria.

Fred Smith, co-owner of Bonedaddys Hideaway in Raleigh Private clubs prep for smoking ban

The owners of Longbranch, a private club located across the street from Bonedaddy’s, decided to stop allowing smoking before the law goes into effect.

“We had a few people smoking inside, and we had to tell them to put it out,” said co-owner Patrick Dunkle.

Longbranch, on Creekside Drive, was recently remodeled and reopened cigarette-free.

“Why throw smoke in there and nasty it up?” Dunkle said.

Businesses that break the no-smoking law can be fined up to $200 per day, and smokers could get face a $50 fine if they keep smoking after they're told to stop.

Enforcing the law will be driven by complaints from the public.

To file a complaint, people can call the local health department, complete an online form at the SmokeFree.NC.gov Web site or call the N.C. CARE-LINE toll-free at 800-662-7030.

Inspectors will give a restaurant at least two written warnings before imposing a fine.

“Some (people) are just saying, ‘Maybe it is a good thing, maybe it gives me an excuse to quit,’” Smith said.


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  • BIGDAWGShouse Jan 1, 2010

    realthoughts....say my name twice.....God Bless...sorry about your dad....my died in WW2....never met him

  • Realthoughts Jan 1, 2010


    With drinking and driving. The driver has a choice about in deciding how they are to get home. I can go to a bar and drink as much as I want, not affect anyone and still get home safely without driving or harming anyone!

    Tell me how the smoker can avoid sharing the affects of smoking with those around them? I sure everyone would like know answer to that! Then their would be no need of a ban.

    Tell a non smoker to go elsewhere isn't an answer. Non smokers have just right to enjoy the activities of public establishment as smokers, however non smokers should have to smoke themselves.

  • Realthoughts Jan 1, 2010



    Read..... It is pretty clear...


  • Realthoughts Jan 1, 2010

    "just like healthcare is a privilege not a right?"


    Gotta have something to help all those Lung Cancer Patients.

    Evidently you've never watch your Dad die of Cancer because Healthcare refuse coverage? Or you've never ended up so in debt to doctors you lose your home to pay for medical bills of a love one?

    Try that on and then preach to me about healthcare.

    Cancer isn't a choice however smoking is.

  • quebholder Jan 1, 2010

    Realthoughts, you said..."unlike drinking, pill popping or other habits/addictions that only affect the person partaking in the activity".
    The drinking and driving affect everyone on our roads. How many of the accidents reported on the news this morning were because of a drunk driver? How many were because someone lit a cigarette? The pill poppers & other drugs used for "recreation", have caused harm to others because someone was "spaced out" on some kind of drug.

  • stevenkirkland Jan 1, 2010

    Wow Local thanks for that you are such a fabulous humanitarian.

  • LocalYokel Jan 1, 2010

    stevenkirkland, I think its pretty sad that you have a friend that is a smoker. Here is a link that can help him with his addiction:


  • LocalYokel Jan 1, 2010

    RAS, it IS up to the business owners - they can become a private club now. Maybe JR's will start a chain of private clubs where you can sit in smokey rooms, smoke cigarettes, and eat $2 steaks all night long?

  • stevenkirkland Jan 1, 2010


    Why did you sit next to the bar if you have asthma? Once again blaming other people for your own poor choices?


    I don't think it will hurt business that was never my argument. If you have eaten out you have probably noticed a good hunk of resturants have gone no smoking. If non-smokers would only patronize those that switched how long before the rest did? It would acomplish your goals right? Only I guess it's not as fun if the government doesn't force it to happen.

    Over the past 2 years have you really had that hard of a time going out to eat and not being around smoke?

    Bars are another story and I suspect that a government law was required for them. However I think it's pretty sad that a friend of mine who smokes and owns a bar now can't smoke in his own place.

  • calaban007 Jan 1, 2010

    To the first few comments, We are taking our rights back! Democracy is majority rule. Guess what pal, your in the minority and the majority decided we don't want to smell smoke when we try to eat.