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Residents complain of unsightly yard

Posted December 16, 2009

— Residents in a Franklin County neighborhood near Louisburg have complained about a neighbor's cluttered yard, but the county says there's nothing it can do.

Lawrence Dorsey and Ray Shearon say they are tired of seeing debris they say has been piling up for years in the yard of Denis McFadden.

"About 10 years ago it started, and it just keeps getting worse and worse," Dorsey said. "It's just an eyesore and a health hazard, the way I look at it."

McFadden says the items, which include a collection of appliances, bikes, baskets and stuffed animals, are things he's collected over the years to sell at flea markets.

"I didn't have an orderly way (of storing it), and it just piled up," he said.

McFadden rents the land from Willie Bartholomew, who is vice president of the Franklin County Planning Board.

Neighbors say they have repeatedly asked the county planning department to get involved.

Planning Director Scott Hammerbacher says that, since the items aren't actually trash, the case wouldn't apply under the county's solid waste ordinance.

There nothing that can be done to force Bartholomew or McFadden to clear the land.

The board, however, did ask both to clear the land, but Hammerbacher said there is nothing else he can do.

Both Hammerbacher and Bartholomew say they have been working since summer to move the items to a nearby property so that it's out of sight.

"I never intended to be a burden to anyone," McFadden said.

Hammerbacher says no special treatment was given to Bartholomew.


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  • wsmithz06 Dec 18, 2009

    Well, trash is defined as "Useless things to be discarded" and "Something of poor quality" You've got examples of that throughout the video. Long term rust and corrosion, weathered and dry rooted items. The owner of those "Valuables" states his previous intentions to sell the items, when he was collecting them. Obviously his intent has changed or he just made up the whole story to try to cover himself. Either way, laws and ordinances are written for society. As part of that society, what I viewed in that video is "Trash". There simply can be no other way to view it and remain reasonable. If the authorities are viewing those items based upon the owners expressed point of view, then they are not being impartial. If we could all see it our way, then chaos would indeed rule.
    You put up a fence to enhance your privacy. You shouldn't have to provide one to block the view of what should be called "The Dump". I'm sure if the gentleman complaining wanted to live next to a dump, he'd move.

  • faeriegurl65 Dec 17, 2009

    Why should they have to pay to put up a fence? Why do people have to be so nasty? No one wants to buy any of that junk, it's all garbage. That man needs to stop being lazy and pick up his own mess. Just gross!!

  • CowboysFan Dec 17, 2009

    Don't look at it if you dont wanna see it! lol. thats all I can say along with this, lend a helping hand! Tis the season for giving. Even if its picking up trash!

  • oldrebel Dec 16, 2009

    Rat,,,I had the same idea.

  • the river rat Dec 16, 2009

    Put up an 8' shadowboard fence and let the man hoard to his heart's content, or until it starts to run over the top.

  • mstan Dec 16, 2009

    He sounds like a hoarder. I would be curious to see a picture of that.