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Reality star Kate Gosselin works at Raleigh restaurant

Posted December 8, 2009

— Reality TV star Kate Gosselin spent more than three hours serving food at Finch's Restaurant at 401 W. Peace St. Tuesday morning as cameras captured her every move.

Kate Gosselin Kate Gosselin works at Raleigh restaurant

Gosselin's bodyguard, Steve Neild, quickly ushered WRAL reporter Amanda Lamb out of the diner and said they were shooting a "test" segment for a future program.

He declined to give any other details and told WRAL News to leave.

See photos of Gosselin and her crew.

Neild directed restaurant employees to close the blinds so WRAL's cameras could not get shots of Gosselin. She and her crew then huddled in a side room in the restaurant and left soon after.

Gosselin gained fame on TLC's show, "Jon & Kate Plus 8," which followed the parents of twins and sextuplets. The couple is in the process of getting a divorce.


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  • tmiller144 Dec 10, 2009

    Wait, I thought she was so destitude that she could barely pay her bills? Maybe if she fired her boyfriend (oops I mean bodyguard) then she could pay them.

  • rogers922 Dec 10, 2009

    1) This is NOT breaking news.
    2) Who cares?
    3) Maybe if the media didn't respond to her appearances she would go back home and parent the litter she produced.

  • OpinionOnEverything Dec 9, 2009

    OH my God, I'm just so excited about Kate coming to Raleigh! This really puts us on the map! Hope the paparazzi spend lots of money while they're here shooting new photos for the tabloids. People just can't get enough of her, she's so interesting!

  • LOL at Politics Dec 9, 2009

    LOL I love this "the media is in her business" nonsense. This isn't Hollywood folks so obviously when a celebrity comes to town on a slow news day then of course the media are going to run out and snap pictures and try and get an interview. BTW...How can some of you say "The media should leave her alone" when a year ago she sold her and her childrens right to privacy for a quick buck. Jon is no better of course, but both of them are horrible parents and I fear for our future if anybody here thinks otherwise!

    Also some estimates show that they made(separately) almost $50,000 per show, so if you think she is having financial woes then maybe try thinking again before feeling sorry for her, but then again we all walk around with personal bodyguards right?

  • Lightfoot3 Dec 9, 2009

    There is absolutely NO way to make me care less!

  • ListentoMeNow Dec 9, 2009

    One more thing. How can some of you actually think that boycotting Finch's would be in order? You, instead of Kate, obviously have too much time on your hands. Like someone else said at least she was working and not sitting at home on the computer doing nothing! It's time that people stood up and put the media in their place. They have gotten way too big for their britches.

  • kebsmom Dec 9, 2009

    She has gone way over her 15 minutes of fame. Get a job and support your kids if they have stopped making you rich on tv.
    I am sick of seeing her and Jon everytime the tv is turned on.
    Of course reality tv is not something I watch anyway. I don't see the attraction!

  • ListentoMeNow Dec 9, 2009

    Jeez again! Why does everyone, especially the media (yes, you WRAL-TV) have to keep their nose in other peoples' business? Leave Kate alone. I am so glad the news crew was asked to leave. They should not have been there in the first place. I don't think that celebrities should be allowed to knock the reporters out cold but they should be allowed their privacy. I wonder if Amanda would like someone following her around like, lets say, to a Dr.'s appointment or perhaps a visit to the hospital to see a sick relative? Probably not. Go figure.

  • Dick Dec 9, 2009

    Or was it the SBI?

  • Dick Dec 9, 2009

    Last time something this big happened, Barney left Mayberry to work for RPD.