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Two East Wake High students injured in high-speed crash

Posted December 7, 2009
Updated December 8, 2009

— Two students from East Wake High School were injured in a high-speed crash Monday afternoon, according to the state Highway Patrol.

Teens injured in single-vehicle crash Teens injured in single-vehicle crash

Austin Wade Marx, 17, was driving a 1996 Chevrolet Camaro on Puryear Road in Knightdale just before 1 p.m. when his lost control of the car, troopers said.  The Camaro went off the road and overturned.

Neil Hunter was standing outside when the car crashed in front of his home. The first thing he heard was the vehicle's engine.

"It sounded like racing type,” he said.

Troopers said witnesses reported the car traveling up to 90 mph. Investigators said evidence at the scene supported those reports.

"I saw the car sideways,” Hunter recalled. "I know they flipped, because I heard the metal, I heard the roof, I could hear all that."

Paramedics transported Marx, of 204 Gail Ridge Lane in Wendell, and passenger Gavin William Boyd Westover, 16, of 9820 Debnam Road in Zebulon, to WakeMed for treatment.

Marx was treated and released. Westover was listed in critical condition Monday evening.

Troopers said high speed caused the wreck.

"Stuff like that happens sometimes, but not as severe as that," Hunter said. "So it was an eye-opener and hopefully it will be an eye-opener for everybody else too, and show them what can happen when you come down this road so fast.

The teens, who were wearing seat belts, had left school for an off-campus lunch when the car crashed.

Charges are pending, troopers said.


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  • Golden Gate Bridge for sale Dec 8, 2009

    Lock the driver up and throw away the key. Where were the parents again.. Come on Raleigh take responsibility of your children. Heres one in the grave and another on the way to jail.

  • MileageWarrior Dec 8, 2009

    they just announced the passenger has died. :(

  • slick rick da troll whisperer Dec 8, 2009

    "Truth be told, the more relaxed you are in a wreck, the less likely you are to be seriously injured."

    exactly. that's why drunk drivers usually walk away and the people in cars they hit tend to get more seriously injured.

  • NCStatePack Dec 8, 2009

    "Driver usually makes off with a few scratches because they know they are about to crash, the passenger just sits there assuming all is well."

    Truth be told, the more relaxed you are in a wreck, the less likely you are to be seriously injured.

  • AT16 Dec 8, 2009

    As a parent of two EWHS students, who know the two teenagers involved in this accident, hopefully this will serve as a shocking reminder to teens that speed does cause terrible accidents. What time of day this accident happened and what they were driving is irrelevant. Until our teenagers understand that driving fast and reckless is just a serious as putting a loaded gun to your head will these accidents cease to happen. Personally it took me a long time to come to that understanding myself...and I have to give thanks that I am still here! Unfortunately, it takes accidents like this for teenagers to sit up and take notice. Let's just hope and pray they both will fully recover!

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Dec 8, 2009

    Driver usually makes off with a few scratches because they know they are about to crash, the passenger just sits there assuming all is well.

  • InvolvedCitizen Dec 8, 2009

    OK, so this was a sporty-looking car, not a high-performance sports car. Thank goodness! --Several factors make teens the most unsafe drivers on the road and the importance of vehicle choice for teens is valid. Small, fast cars are not driven because they're safe, but because they are fun. When operated by teens, our most immature, inexperienced and daring drivers, the danger increases dramatically. --Hoping the young passenger has a quick and complete recovery.

  • Oxfordgirl Dec 8, 2009

    I drove the mess out of my 91 Honda Accord Ex like it was a Mustang when I was in highschool. It doesn't matter what kind of car it is to a teenager. I really didn't start respecting the rules of the road until I was on my own and had to pay my own tickets and insurance. A teenager would drive crazy if it was an 85 buick it doesn't matter to them. Between the ages of 16 and 19 I got like 10 speeding tickets and had 2 wrecks. So it doesn't matter until they pay their own insurance and their own court fees and penalties

  • boingc Dec 8, 2009

    "It clearly matters if it's a z28, gt, etc. You can't honestly sit there and tell me that buying a z28 camaro for a kid is the same as buying a v6 camaro for him."

    Yep, that's what I'm telling you. The kid's gonna try to drive it the same whether it's a V6 or V8. Yes, some kids will drive the heck out of a Honda Civic, but more are going to try to push the limits of a Camaro or Mustang, regardless of the engine size. They "think" it can do more, so they push it harder.

  • texasncgirl Dec 8, 2009

    Though I have not really read the comments posted thus far..and maybe I should prior to my making this comment: A few things: as a EWHS alum..that road is indeed incredibly dangerous and many people (including myself) sped on that road..dumb and young. I highly doubt cancelling "off campus" lunch will solve that problem. Second: who in the sam h**l would ALLOW their SEVENTEEN year old CHILD drive a camaro??? Being in the insurance industry that absolutely BLOWS my mind. When will parents learn? Another thing: it really saddens me that whenever we hear of these horrible accidents..why is it that the driver of the car gets off without barely a scratch (I know..sometimes they do get actually hurt) but it's the passenger, who has nothing to do with how the person is driving, is the one that either gets killed or crippled for life? Though I do not wish harm upon anyone, I do wish that it happened the other way around. I hope and pray that the passenger pulls out of this and live