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Car torn in half during three-vehicle wreck

Posted November 30, 2009

— Speed was a factor in a three-vehicle wreck in the 4500 block of N.C. Highway 210 North, south of Bunnlevel, early Monday that ripped a car in half and sent its driver to the hospital.

Car torn in half during three-vehicle wreck_03 Wreck tears car in half

State troopers said that Ratcliffe Watson, 38, tried to pass a 1995 Dodge Caravan in a no-passing zone, near Temple Road, shortly before 6 a.m. Watson's 1994 Toyota Camry clipped the other car, then spun across the highway and collided with a southbound  2006 Honda Accord.

The Camry was torn in half by the impact; troopers said one half was in the roadway, and the other half ended up in trees beside the road.

Watson was trapped in the Camry and had to be extricated. He was transported to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in Fayetteville. Troopers said his condition was stable, and he was alert late Monday morning.

A military service member in the southbound car was treated as a precaution, troopers said. A woman and a passenger in the second northbound vehicle were uninjured.

Troopers said they expect to charge Watson, of Manchester Road in Spring Lake, with improper passing, reckless driving and driving left of center.

Alcohol was not involved in the wreck, and all those involved were wearing seat belts, troopers said.

N.C. 210 was reduced to one lane and troopers directed traffic for several hours after the wreck.


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  • LibertarianTechie Dec 1, 2009

    Animal Lover, actually the law states that you cannot travel 10 mph below the posted speed limit unless road conditions make it too dangerous to travel at the posted speed limit. And if you see someone travelling below the lower speed limit, call 911; the slower speed is dangerous and cause many accidents.

  • Common Sense Man Nov 30, 2009

    "If we actually had a traffic enforcement office that did not deal with both traffic and other criminals maybe we could do something."

    We do; the Highway Patrol.

  • KermitDFrog Nov 30, 2009

    Haste makes waste... something learned a long time ago.

  • erocstangs Nov 30, 2009

    Local-Greater enforcement would deter, but it would never contain the situation. If we actually had a traffic enforcement office that did not deal with both traffic and other criminals maybe we could do something. Although enforcement isn't the problem. The problem is people holding themselves accountable for the actions they take and the reactions based on those actions. Don't blame the cops if you were robbed and you left your house unlocked!That's the same mentality you have.

  • gayleforce Nov 30, 2009

    It was a no passing zone. Drive it daily.

  • Faceman Nov 30, 2009

    HAHA..yall going after eachother..sounds like the Jerry Springer show

  • Myword Nov 30, 2009

    Toyotas do not seem to be the cars they once were.

  • wildcat Nov 30, 2009

    Speed had to be a factor. May some people learn to follow the rules of the road and speed limit. If they did, these kind of accidents would certainly not happen.

  • Common Sense Man Nov 30, 2009

    "Common Sense Man - I did and I know that road...IT IS POSTed"

    No it's not. It's only posted on Interstates. You might have seen a yellow sign with a lower speed limit, but that's not the official sign with "miminum speed" on it. The other signs are cautionary, letting you know what speed would be safest.

  • krazi_katt Nov 30, 2009

    Common Sense Man - I did and I know that road...IT IS POSTed also if you read further
    (h)No person shall operate a motor vehicle on the highway at such a slow speed as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law; provided, this provision shall not apply to farm tractors and other motor vehicles operating at reasonable speeds...
    IN other means, you cannot go whatever speed you want....It is well stated in ALL states that on any highway (basically anything with a route number) that a driver should not go less then 10 - 15 miles less than the posted speed limit.