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Goldsboro school ordered to stop extra-credit fundraiser

Posted November 11, 2009

— The Wayne County Public School system denounced a fundraiser at Rosewood Middle School that allowed students to purchase extra grade credits with a monetary donation to the school, officials said in a statement Wednesday.

Rosewood principal Susie Shepherd said students who donated $20 would get 20 extra-credit points. Students could apply 10 points to two tests. In some cases, the points could boost a student's test score up a letter grade.

Education Generic 2 Goldsboro school stops extra-credit fundraiser

In a meeting Tuesday afternoon, district administration directed Shepherd to immediately end the fundraiser at the Goldsboro school. In addition, no extra credit that may have resulted from the donations will be issued. Starting Thursday, all donations will be returned.

Wayne County Schools spokesman Ken Derksen said it isn't clear whether the principal violated any specific policy or if there will be any disciplinary action taken. The matter remains under investigation.


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  • happyncgurl Nov 13, 2009

    My son's a student at RMS.. I understand that they were trying to raise money for the school.. I KNOW THIS!! They could have and should have offered dif incentives. My son doesn't have the best grades in the world and I REFUSED to participate in this. When he asked why my answer was I wouldn't buy something he should be earning to start with. I'm sure there are some parents who were quick to jump on this opportunity though. I've heard ppl say "don't blame the admin. it was the PTA'S idea" well It is Mrs. Shephard's school and I would think she had to give it the go ahead.. Just a thought, correct me if I'm wrong. I was dropping my son off for school this morning and I seen 2 kids out at the bulletin posting in big letters "we love you mrs shephard" REALLY! I'm sure those kids didn't wake up this morning and decide they were going to put that up there LOL.. WONDER WHO TOLD THEM TO? My son said yesterday "I bet Mrs Shephard is goin to be ashamed to show her face in public" lol

  • pappy1 Nov 12, 2009

    Welcome to the 3rd World ...

  • artist Nov 12, 2009

    "My school is 85% free or reduced lunch. My parents are not able to help and the people out in society who could help would rather just point and judge."

    Bad point of view.... so many people have been giving til it hurts.... and it is their responsibility to give even more.... or they are the bad ones?

    No one should have to "give" anything to a school! We pay out the wazoo in taxes and school fees..... why would one school have the required supplies while another one does not? A school is judged by the amount of money it can raise from the parents?

    The educational system is a disaster.

  • cherylj1102 Nov 11, 2009

    So if the schools are in such bad shape financially that they have to resort to selling grades, where is all the NC EDUCATION LOTTERY millions going?

  • teach4ever67 Nov 11, 2009

    FoxTrot Delta Tango - Many of the supplies I buy for my class are to help my students whose parents either are not able to afford to buy their supplies or they choose to spend the money in other ways.

    The readers of WRAL.com need to get their head out of the sand and quit assuming that all schools are created equal. There are many schools in desperate need due to severe funding cuts and parents that are not able to help out. My school is 85% free or reduced lunch. My parents are not able to help and the people out in society who could help would rather just point and judge.

  • North Carolina Home Nov 11, 2009

    Why is everybody focusing on THIS principal and THIS school? Our public education system is broken beyond repair. We now have the products of a failed system running the system. NCAE owns this disaster.

  • saturn5 Nov 11, 2009

    I would certainly hope SELLING academic credit is not only against policy but illegal. If it isn't, it should be. Who the heck thought this was a good idea?

  • carolinagirl75 Nov 11, 2009

    I'm also concerned to read comments about the ways that extra credit is given out. Good assessment and grading practices tell us that students should only be assessed on what they know and what they can do. A grade should be an accurate reflection of a student's achievement, not how kind, or helpful they are--or how many times they don't go to the bathroom.

  • teach4ever67 Nov 11, 2009

    grenlyn1 - Some schools do have active PTA's that help support the schools, however that are just as many that do not.

    The school where I work 3 of the 4 PTA officers are teachers due to the fact that our parents do not step up to the plate. At the last PTA meeting we had I had 3 parents out of 60 to show up and that was a hall record. We have fundraisers, but when you are a school that is 85% free or reduced lunch who is going to buy the products that are being sold? The most our PTA budget has during the year is at most $1000.00.

    Don't assume that all parents are as willing and able to assist the school as you are.

  • Dad of 7 Nov 11, 2009

    Stuff like this wouldn't happen if the already good for nothing budgets that they get weren't cut yet again.

    I wonder what is really happening with all the money that is getting generated from the "education" lottery? And with them bringing in another big game to the lottery, that's even more....

    What say ye Governor Perdue?