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2-year-old killed in 'accidental' shooting

Posted September 30, 2009

— A 2-year-old Sanford boy was killed late Wednesday morning in what authorities have labeled an accidental shooting.

Details were not immediately clear, but Sanford police Capt. David Smith said the child or another child in the home at 522 Cannon Circle got hold of a gun and that it was fired. The boy was shot in the head.

"It’s obvious someone left an unsecured weapon,” Smith said. “We don’t know if the toddler shot himself or if one of the other children in the house was playing with the gun.”

Two other children, ages 3 and 4, as well as the boy's mother, Melanie Tyson, were at the residence at the time. His father, Joey Tyson, was at work. Police did not release the name of the child.

Emergency workers responded to the report at 11:13 a.m., and the child was taken to Central Carolina Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Smith did not speculate as to whether the boy's parents will face any charges.

“I don’t want to be premature and talking about charges until we finish our investigation,” he said.


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  • RowdyFriend Oct 2, 2009

    Laws are made for honest people. Dishonest people don't care about the law. So more laws regarding gun ownership won't work. And if you leave a gun where a kid can reach it, you aren't being honest with yourself. Therefore, the law will apply directly to you.

    Also, the person who called the father a crack dealer is ignorant. Show some respect to the armed forces and truckers, and change your user name.

  • jason3737 Oct 1, 2009

    People aren't getting any smarter-that's why I want guns gone from homes period! To protect those who can't protect themselves!


    The main benefit of a firearm IS to protect those who otherwise would not be able to help themselves. Unless you feel a 90lb woman has a “right” to fist-fight with a 250lb rapist. If you’re outnumbered or outweighed they don’t need a weapon… you do. All the self-defense classes in the world and pepper-spray likely won’t fend off a couple of attackers in a stairwell if the physical disparity is great. A .38 and training can change that equation entirely.

    About a year ago, a young hiker in GA was kidnapped and murdered. Her blue belt was not enough to stop her attacker. The police were far away. Pepper spray? Maybe, but what if it was a windy day and she was downwind?

    Accidents are tragic, and it pains me to hear about them. But it chills me to the bone to think about my wife or daughter meeting the same fate as this hiker.

  • frosty Oct 1, 2009


    Gun crime in Brittan has dropped but hot burglaries (probably called home invasion here) are up 90%. No one is armed so what do thieves have to fear?

  • frosty Oct 1, 2009

    Middle of the Road,

    Seems you missed all the other soapboxes being stood on.

    And the news people putting accidental in quotes is not exactly "fair and balanced " either.

    Children have all sorts of ways of hurting themselves. Guns are just one. But it does seem to get more press.

  • concerncitizen Oct 1, 2009

    At some point we'll have to lock up criminals forever! In the short term it will cost us more. After awhile the people considering becoming a criminal will start to think maybe this is not by best choice! When I get caught, I will be locked up forever. Than maybe people won't feel the need to have guns for protection. Less people will be killed by guns!

  • concerncitizen Oct 1, 2009

    devilblue, great point. Three small kids in a home, no one watching them? The lady is so detached from the kids that she can't even say how the child got shot? Did he shot himself or what? More and more each day I get a sense that we just don't care about children???????? We birth them but we done connect with them like our parents did with us???????? At the birth the doctor would put the baby up in the mothers arms. From that moment on the mother would die before that baby was out of her site, not anymore??????? Now we just leave them with anyone. If they don't want to care for the baby, we'll pay them! Spend more money putting in cameras to watch while they care for our children!

  • concerncitizen Oct 1, 2009

    sophiemom, I agree. If these buy a lock fools gave a lock to every fool with a gun children would still be killed because most of the people still would not use the locks. It's not the locks or the guns it the people. Guns must be taken away, it's the only way to protect all the children!

  • concerncitizen Oct 1, 2009

    JaydensMom08, people aren't getting any smarter..... that's why I want guns gone from homes period! To protect those who can't protect themselves!

  • thedezsos1 Oct 1, 2009

    So sad...R I P little guy..

  • Moto69 Oct 1, 2009

    Just a side note regarding the comparison of the UK to the US in crime rates... comparing 2008 stats, the US has 304 million people. UK has 61M, France 61M and Germany 83M. So it's no surprise the US will have higher stats considering we have more people than the 3 countries combined. Compare apple to apples...

    The parents should be charged with his death for leaving a loaded gun within reach. Pure stupidity. Just like you don't leave chemicals, lighters or anything else that could hurt a child within reach. Practically anything can kill anyone. Not the guns fault. Parents/adults need to take responsibility for what they do (or don't do).