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Injured Chatham County deputy has sympathy for shooter

Posted September 21, 2009

— A Chatham County deputy shot last week after a high-speed chase expressed sympathy on Monday for the man accused of shooting him.

Capt. Roy Allen was shot in the leg during a standoff on Thursday along Alston Bridge Road, east of Siler City, after the driver refused to surrender.

The armed man, David Scott Herring, 35, of 505 Herring Path in Bear Creek, was shot and killed at the scene.

"I hate it for him. I really hate it for his parents. I feel really bad for them. I hate it for his family," Allen said.

Capt. Roy Allen, of the Chatham County sheriff's office Deputy recalls being shot

Dashboard camera video shown to the media last week showed Herring asking officers to shoot him and, at times, holding his own weapon to his head.

“Honestly, I can’t see where we could have done anything to change the outcome and make it any better,” Allen said.

The shootout occurred after a car chase that started near the Moore County line around 12:30 p.m. Thursday when an officer attempted to pull over a vehicle that matched the description of one involved in a shooting about an hour earlier, Maj. Gary Blankenship said.

Allen, who has 18 years of law enforcement experience, was released from WakeMed on Friday. He said on Monday he vividly remembers being shot.

"I had a gunshot would to the right thigh that entered right above the knee and came out my back hip," Allen said. "You hear a lot of people say, 'Oh yeah, sometimes you don't even feel it' or 'It happened in slow motion.' I'm here to tell you it happened in real time and it hurt like heck."

Allen said he cannot talk about what happened during the standoff because of the investigation. He plans to return to work for desk duty on Tuesday.

Sgt. Chris Perry, who has 14 years experience of law enforcement, was also shot in the leg during the standoff. He was released from the hospital this past weekend.


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  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Sep 22, 2009

    Yep, suicide by cop. Sad story all the way around. I'll never understand why people wanting to commit suicide feel the need to take others with them!? It sounded like this guy was threatening/assaulting other folks before the cops got to him.

    Kudos to the cops for finding him so quickly. And really glad the two officers are on the mend.

  • Journey985 Sep 22, 2009

    I am glad the officer is ok, and think this is tragic. I feel for the family of this man, but clearly he needed help. I find it very interesting that the dashboard footage for this shooting has been released, yet we are still waiting to see the Archdale shooting of the UNC student? Is it possibly because they did something wrong? I just find it very suspcious.

  • haggis basher Sep 21, 2009

    " Come on North Carolina Government, fix our Death Penalty so we can rightfully start putting people to Death."

    How would that have helped here? This was clearly suicide by Cop!

  • Just the facts mam Sep 21, 2009

    Thanks to all Law Enforcement officers (and others) who risk their lives for the rest of us!!!

  • computer trainer Sep 21, 2009

    OUCH!! That just sounds horrible. I am so glad that the officer is doing well enough to be released.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Sep 21, 2009

    I can understand him wishing he didn't have to take a life. But its his job. And the world is full of (what's politically correct here) people that don't think before acting. It is a shame to have to take anyone's life. But there are laws and rules of engagement. And you have to follow them if we want to be a civil society and this officer wants to live and return to his family each day. Sometimes, taking a life is the RIGHT thing to do. It was right in this case... and its right in the case of the Death Penalty. Come on North Carolina Government, fix our Death Penalty so we can rightfully start putting people to Death.