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Woman raffling off Person County home

Posted September 15, 2009

— A $20 raffle ticket could land someone a 3,900-square-foot house on 11 acres in Person County.

Mary Peterson said her family built their dream house in 2001 but moved to Montana to take a better job shortly after the house was completed. She said she tried to sell the house, but the deals didn't pan out. Then, the real estate market collapsed.

House raffle would benefit Montana charity House raffle would benefit Montana charity

"(We had) no showings, no anything," said Peterson, who then hatched the idea of raffling off the property.

"It just gets the debt off the house, and then somebody owns it outright," she said. "It's just a matter of getting out from under the mortgage (and) moving on with my life and my children's lives."

Since announcing the raffle, Peterson said, she seems to be perpetually hosting an open house.

"It's been a parade through my driveway every day, even during the week," she said. "I would love to see somebody – a family – that would love it like we did."

Peterson said she has sold about 600 tickets so far, and she said she needs to sell 20,000 of them to break even. Any proceeds beyond that would go to the Grizzly Wolf Discovery Center in Montana.

Under North Carolina law, a nonprofit venture can raffle off real estate up to $500,000 in value. Peterson said she would hire an independent audit firm to conduct the raffle according to law.

The deadline for purchasing raffle tickets is Dec. 31, but Peterson said she might extend the deadline into next year if she's close to her target. On the other hand, she would cancel the raffle altogether if she doesn't sell the minimum number of tickets.

If the raffle is canceled, ticket-buyers would get a $19 refund, with Peterson keeping the extra $1 as a processing fee.

"It's the cost of the stamp and writing the check because you have to write checks back to everybody out of the (nonprofit) account," she said.


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  • concerncitizen Sep 21, 2009

    How do I get a ticket? If my ticket wins, how much money do I need to close on the house?

  • boomylar Sep 16, 2009

    wow! i think that i'm gonna buy a ticket..

  • GoHeelsGo Sep 16, 2009

    No AC. Roxboro isn't that far North.

  • swbrad Sep 15, 2009

    400K for a house in BFE? No wonder she couldn't sell it ;-)

  • grayboomerang Sep 15, 2009

    Eh, call me skeptical, but I smell a scam. Let's say she only sells 15,000 tickets....well, oops....guess I'll have to keep 1.00 off of each ticket...that's an easy 15K and she still owns a house. Maybe I should raffle mine too...I'd love to make an easy 15K.

  • craziecrafter Sep 15, 2009

    In the keyword Section....type in house. When the artical appears under the picture of the house it will have how to buy the tickes. I think I'll buy 5.

  • raider Sep 15, 2009

    I don't understand how you can sell raffle tickets for something and then decide not to raffle it after all. When I started reading the story, I thought "man, she's taking a big risk", but then I realized that she's going to back out if she doesn't get $400,000.

  • quit_whining Sep 15, 2009


    There's where you buy a ticket!

  • quit_whining Sep 15, 2009

    She should have sold them for $100 each and then you'd only need to sell 4,000 tickets. 4,000 tickets is a lot easier to sell than 20,000 tickets!

  • Adelinthe Sep 15, 2009

    So how does one buy a ticket?

    The story didn't say that.


    God bless.