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Group warns speeders of paintball gun

Posted August 17, 2009

— A group of Durham residents are taking aim at speeders with the threat of a paintball gun.

The group, Angry Neighbors With Paintball Guns, says it is posting signs at strategic locations throughout the city, warning motorists to slow down or risk being shot at with a paintball gun.

'Paintball' group wants speeding to stop 'Paintball' group wants speeding to stop

"We are a small group of neighbors who have reached the limits of our patience with the city's inability -- some might say unwillingness -- to address the issue," the group wrote in an e-mail Monday to WRAL News.

It would not say if the signs were to serve only as an attention-grabber or if it plans to shoot paintballs at vehicles.

“Who we are isn't important," a second e-mail stated. "What is important is that the City of Durham realize [sic] that this is a problem that needs to be solved. Stay tuned for further developments.”

The group says it is also disappointed that the city has stopped funding its PACE Car program, which was designed to help prevent speeding. Kammie Michael, a Durham police spokeswoman, said budget and staffing constraints forced the dissolution of the program.

The department, however, has increased patrols in the area recently, Michael said and residents have complimented the police department on its response.

"The Durham Police Department enforces traffic laws, and we plan to continue to be responsive to traffic concerns from residents throughout the city," she said.

Michael said it is a crime to shoot a paintball at a vehicle and that the signs could be a distraction for some drivers and make the problem worse.

Some residents who live near the intersection of Markham and Glendale avenues, where a sign was posted Monday morning, said they like the signs because it brings attention to the speeding problem.

"I think it's a very good sign, and it shows there is some initiative in our neighborhood," resident Angelo Abbate said.

"I thought it was good fun," resident Rusty Haynes said. "I'm not sure anybody will actually get plugged with a paint pellet, but we'll see."


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  • MakoII Aug 18, 2009


    Wrong. Only someone using a car to intentionally run you over gives you any right to defend yourself.

    If speeding is a license to shoot car, then literally all of us on this forum are guilty.

    Place a cop there for a few hours a day for a few days. Write some tickets. Then park an empty cop car there for a few more days.

    If after a month the problem comes back, petition and have speed bumps put in.

  • Sez Who Aug 18, 2009

    Instead of these silly signs, these people could make better use of their time teaching their kids to stay out of the street!

  • LocalYokel Aug 18, 2009

    a speeding car is a deadly weapon and can do much more damage than a magazine of bullets and paintballs. You have the right to defend yourself from speeding cars with paintballs.

  • boomylar Aug 18, 2009

    put roofing nails in the road...that will slow em down lol. i think they had good intentions, but really, they can get a huge fine for shooting someones car with a paintball gun, a real gun...

  • MakoII Aug 18, 2009

    What about driving in a convertible? A paint gun isn't a toy when you're on the paintball fields, you're supposed to wear gear.

    A paint ball going at someone driving 40 mph has the ability to main. It's a serious threat.

    As such, I would think it's illegal. And as a serious threat in causing bodily harm, it can legally be responded to with deadly force in NC from a firearm to stop that threat.

    I agree with the gentleman who proposed using his gun.

    It's a funny idea, a good sign to make a point, but I would suggest no one be so stupid as to actually DO this. Let the police handle it.

  • Durham-Raleigh Aug 18, 2009

    Here's a perspective on the issue from the Bull City Rising blog in Durham:


  • grayboomerang Aug 18, 2009

    I don't agree with their method, but I understand their frustration. I don't understand why people cannot obey speed limits.

    Creedmoor Rd has a speed limit of 45 mph, people will mow you over if you are driving 50 mph....and when you have to use the sidewalk beside Creedmoor, it can be scary. It feels as if you are walking beside a major highway.

    Sawmill Rd has a speed limit of 35mph...drive the speed limit on this road and people will ride your bumper.

    Just obey the speed limits. If you are late to your destination..that's no one's fault but your own.....stop being a menance to others.

  • LocalYokel Aug 18, 2009

    I'm happy for the attention this sign group (and WRAL) has brought to the problem but I hope no cars get hit with paintballs. Its a disservice to the community that the police don't enforce the traffic laws. Traffic laws are designed to keep public safe and there is total disregard for those laws in our area. If the police are ineffective at enforcing the laws then we should replace human traffic enforcement with automated traffic cameras. Cameras can issue tickets to speeders and red light runners and best of all they can ticket ALL bad drivers (even off duty police officers that would normally be above the law). Why don't we put these on every corner to enforce safe driving: http://www.gatso-usa.com/solutions_speed.php

  • doubletap357 Aug 18, 2009

    If this problem is a persistent one in this neighborhood then speed bumps should be installed in the roads. They have been shown to be effective at slowing traffic down.

  • howdiditgettothis Aug 17, 2009

    We have speeders DAILY in our neighborhood.......many of which are neighbors who live at the dead end culdesac and must pass through the whole neighborhood (one long street) to get out of it.

    The neighbors who live farthest back refuse to agree to speedbumps.....one neighbor complained that she just didn't think she should have to drive over them.

    Unfortunately, someone (or their child or pet) will be injured or killed before anything changes.

    Drive the limit! What's the big hurry?