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New Raleigh parking meters rates go into effect Monday

Posted August 2, 2009

— The city will implement new on-street parking meter rates, beginning Monday.

The new rates are designed to discourage long-term parking in on-street spaces so there is more turnover, which was one of the objectives of the Downtown Master Parking Plan the City Council approved in January. Turnover of the parking spaces helps attract more business customers and other visitors downtown, officials said.

The rates will allow drivers to purchase smaller increments of time than the traditional one- or two-hour limits, officials said.

Beginning Monday, the new meter rates for on-street parking will be as follows:

• 25 cents for 15 minutes (the minimum amount required to activate the meters)
• 50 cents for 30 minutes
• $1 for one hour
• $2 for two hours


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  • MrX-- Aug 3, 2009

    It will not matter what the rates are. As long as they are mostly taken up all day by people using Handicap tags there will not be many spots available.

  • ncwebguy Aug 3, 2009

    On-street parking is still free on nights and weekends.

    If all on-street parking was free, it would be filled with office workers and there would be no available parking for the people than only need it for a few minutes.

    Retail and other businesses are starting to trickle into downtown, some of which is for people who are walking, not driving, to it -- Taz, UPS store, barber shops, City Market, etc.

    The handicapped placard abuse does need to stop. It is great that people help the injured, but that doesn't give them the same privlidge when the handicapped person is not riding.

    The meters pay for the meter readers to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity for spaces, and for the downtown ambassadors who help keep things clean and put more eyes on the roads and sidewalks.

  • NCPACKER Aug 3, 2009

    OF course you need only 15 minutes in downtown Raleigh. There's nothing to downtown Raleigh. Boring and dead!

  • foetine Aug 3, 2009

    between this and hillsborough st being a mess, there's no reason to shop in either zone

  • SubwayScoundrel Aug 3, 2009

    I am OK with this. I want to stop by TAZ or the post office and I see apot, I pay less to run in. Now if they can get rid of the people who take thier elderly parents handicap placards who park all day where they work.

    No parking is free. Even when you park at a Kroger or Harris Teeter, it is not free.

  • starglow2005 Aug 3, 2009

    You can't hardly do anything in downtown Raleigh in 15 minutes except get a parking ticket.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Aug 3, 2009

    I would like to know what they spend that money on and how much was it before? Sounds like they are owning up to it being an increase to change behavior. Allowing smaller increments just keeps it from being really expensive for someone ducking into a store for 15 minutes. Sure it's more expensive per minute, but what matters to most people is the cost per their normal visit.

    We have a limited resource of space to park downtown and the city is using a capitalist approach of raising the price to allocate that resource. It only really affects people working downtown to encourage them to use parking decks while leaving easy access for retail customers.

  • ifcdirector Aug 3, 2009

    More reasons not to do business downtown.

  • miketroll3572 Aug 3, 2009

    Now I know why I don't go to Raleigh anymore.

  • jockeyshiftspringer Aug 3, 2009

    That's why I don't go downtown. Haven't lost a thing there.