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Apex man pleads guilty in attacks on Cary couple

Posted July 27, 2009
Updated August 2, 2009

— An Apex man charged in an attack on a Cary couple and the rape of the wife will spend the next 35 to 46 years in prison for the crimes.

Gavin John Clevesy, 18, of 311 Milky Way Drive, pleaded guilty Monday to first-degree sexual offense, first-degree rape, second-degree kidnapping, burglary and assault with a dangerous weapon with intent to kill in the Sept. 27 attacks.

Man pleads to rape, home invation Man pleads to rape, home invasion

Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway sentenced Clevesy to a minimum of 430 months and a maximum of 552 months in prison and ordered him to undergo mental health and substance abuse treatment.

"I just want to say I apologize for what I did," Clevesy said in court. "I'm not that type of person."

Clevesy had been walking home from a party that night when he forced himself into the couple's home in the MacGregor Downs neighborhood, Wake County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Cruden said.

Outlining the facts of the case, Cruden said Clevesy admitted to police that he attacked the 67-year-old husband with a ceramic statue and tried to attack the 66-year-old wife on the couple's couch.

The husband used an iron to strike Clevesy, and the wife escaped after beating him over the head with a lamp, Cruden said.

She went to a neighboring house for help, but when no one answered the door, she ran into Clevesy on the street. He grabbed her, carried her into an open field and raped her.

Two men leaving a wedding at a nearby country club intervened, and two other men held Clevesy until police arrived, Cruden said.

"There's evil that resides in this person," he said. "Anyone who can do what he did, there's something wrong."

During sentencing, the woman's husband testified that he and his wife of 40 years cannot get over the attacks and that they think about it every day.

"Every morning when I get up to shave, I think about it. When I take a shower at night, I think about it. I probably will until the day I die," he said. "This was an unprovoked attack. That whole evening will always be etched in our minds."

Thomas Manning, Clevesy's attorney, said his client was "extremely intoxicated" that night, was sorry for his actions and wanted to write the couple a letter to apologize.

"She didn't have to go through that. Her husband shouldn't have to go through that," Clevesy told the court. "He should have killed me that night."

Testifying on his son's behalf, Jack Clevesy, broke down on the stand, saying that he loved his son and had tried hard to help him with drugs and other problems.

"We'd done all we can. Obviously, we didn't do enough," he said. "I really believe my son deserves everything he gets.

"There was a point where I would have rather gotten a phone call that he had been killed rather than the phone call we got," he added.


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  • Kbo Jul 27, 2009

    teacher56- Many lives may have been tortured by his actions, but only his own was wasted. To say a life it wasted is to imply that it wasn't worth living, and I don't think it's fair to say because of some other persons actions on one night, the lives of this couple were wasted. They still have loved ones, they still have potential to go out and make the world a better place. And that is my greatest hope for them, that they can use this as a spring board to make the world a better place. Many people who go through things like this start support groups and help others who go through it. Some people respond to evil in the world by isolating themselves from the world, others by getting out to spread so much good it will hopefully one day choke out the evil. Everyone on here commenting about how much evil there is in the world should consider finding a way to make it better for at least 1 person. Every little bit helps.

  • teacher56 Jul 27, 2009

    Many lives have been tortured and wasted due to this man's choice that day; his own, the couple attacked, as well as the parents of the attacker. HOWEVER, I do hope this is a wake up call to all parents out there. Yes, this man is old enough to make his own choices, but he had all those years before with his parents. Did they take him to church each week to hear the word of God, did they go to every parent/teacher conference over the years, did they ever make excuses for their child's behavior in school, did they ever do tough love on junior by taking away priviledges, etc, did they have family dinners at night or just hurry with a bite to eat, did they listen to their son, was he ever involved in scouts, church groups, sports, ...In short, this behavior just didn't happen one night as he was walking home. Where were his parents his whole life!!! Yes, folks, his parents must take some responsibility for this. I don't buy this "please don't blame the parents" nonsense.

  • drnc Jul 27, 2009

    If you are attacked, don't be afraid to fight back. Fight like your life depended on it - because it does. Don't be afraid you're going to harm the attacker or that you might get in trouble. I can assure you the attacker isn't worried about the consequences of his actions. In simple terms, fight to kill.

  • somethingwickedthiswaycomes Jul 27, 2009

    "Yep, or he could have taken the gun FROM them and killed them both." Gucci piggie......

    Or perhaps while the rapist was out side stalking the man's wife...he could have gone and gotten his firearm....allowed him by the second amendment, loaded it, and then calmly shot the animal in the back of head while he was busy raping his wife....case closed..

  • All child molesters should die Jul 27, 2009

    It's stories like this where I wish the residents had just happened to have a gun and surprised HIM with a bang-bang, you're dead! Too bad that didn't happen.


  • Adelinthe Jul 27, 2009

    mimi - "I know of certain places really close to Wake County that someone would have gotten significantly less time in prison..."

    I've been thinking this myself, and have been praying that the sentence would have been the same had this elderly couple lived on Garner Road near downtown Raleigh.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Jul 27, 2009


    Praise God!!!

    God bless.


  • luvbailey Jul 27, 2009

    Having been a crime victim myself, I can understand the continuing terror that the older couple is feeling right now. However, God can lift this burden from them, if they will only ask Him to. I know because He did it for me.

  • Jeremiah Jul 27, 2009

    "I wish the couple had been gun owners, this guy would have been stopped immediately"

    or, as gucci mentions, this kid sounds like he would have had a chance to wrestle the gun away, kill them both. then maybe he'd return to the party, drunk, high, angry, and armed....

  • injameswetrust2003 Jul 27, 2009

    "I'm not that type of person."

    Clearly you are that type of person and you belong behind bars. Excuses such as drugs and mental problems don't excuse your behavior.