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Obama to tout health care reform in Raleigh

Posted July 24, 2009

— The heated debate over health care reform will take center stage in Raleigh next week as President Barack Obama visits the Capital City to tout his controversial health care reform plan.

The White House said Friday that Obama is scheduled to appear at a health care-related event on Wednesday. Further details of the president's visit were not disclosed.

Health Care Can't Wait Health care debate takes center stage in Raleigh

Meanwhile Friday, heavy hitters in the insurance industry spoke out against the president's proposal, which, for the first time, would require every American to be insured.

A new government insurance program would compete with private insurers, and insurance companies would be barred from excluding people with pre-existing conditions. The goals are to hold down costs and extend coverage to most of the 50 million uninsured Americans. The price tag: $1 trillion-plus over a decade.

Obama has called on Congress to approve the plan before it recesses the first week in August. Both House and Senate leaders have said that likely won't happen.

"I think the American people deserve better," said Robert Seligson, executive vice president and chief executive officer of the North Carolina Medical Society. "They deserve a bill that's been well debated, well discussed and passed with a lot of detail."

Seligson said the plan doesn't do enough to revamp the entire health care system.

"(The plan needs to have) been through the gauntlet to make sure the ultimate outcome of the bill is a positive one that has long-term positive ramifications for our health care system," Seligson said.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina's chief executive officer, Bob Greczyn, said legislators are rushing to approve a plan and are overlooking the quality of care.

The company has said it supports covering everyone, promoting quality and containing costs, and Greczyn said he does believe the health care system needs to be revamped but that the government should not get involved.

"We think it's not at all necessary for a government option to be in place," Greczyn said. "We think we can accomplish all the other aspects of health care reform without, essentially, a government plan."

While those opposed to the president's plan, as it currently stands, met, members of the State Employees Association of North Carolina rallied in support of the president's plan.

Association members said they believe Obama's public option plan will help lower costs, provide better options for the public and create competition, which would be a benefit to consumers in the long run.


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  • jet2rdu Jul 27, 2009

    These lines are plain english for the legal verbage, thanks to those who have digested and reported on all 1018 pages in H.R 3200 America's Affordable Health Choice Act of 2009 (viewable at: http://energycommerce.house.gov/Press_111/20090714/aahca.pdf ). Again, this is what NBC, CBS, ABC,CNN, NY Times, The News & Obama, opps Observer, should be doing and reporting on,
    not just bloggers. More from the H.R 3200..

    Page 429: Advance Care Planning Consult will be used to dictate treatment as patient's health deteriorates. This can include an ORDER for end-of-life plans. An ORDER from the GOVERNMENT.

    Page 430: Government will decide what level of treatments you may have at end-of-life.

    Page 469: Community-based Home Medical Services: more payoffs for ACORN.

    It looks like the Democratic Health Care Plan might include some of Obama's "Shovel Ready Projects", unfortunately, it might be gravedigging.

  • affirmativediversity Jul 24, 2009

    Personally, I believe there is a better than 50/50 chance that Nancy Pelosi will call for the vote in the middle of the night again...right after another 300 page amendment is offered...like she did with CAP AND TAX.

    What remains to be seen is will DEMOCRATS FALL INTO LOCK STEP WITH PELOSI like they have done with everything else?

  • affirmativediversity Jul 24, 2009

    I continue to wonder why Obama ever aspired to be President of a country he thinks so little of? Seriously, I can't think of anything Obama believes the USA does that is worthy of praise?

    I hope hundreds of people show up to protest while he's in Raleigh!

  • Joe Average Jul 24, 2009

    Oh there is nothing more exciting than watching libs/dems implode!!
    Funny thing is,its only been six months.. Impeachment is right around
    the corner !! Merry Christmas !!

  • affirmativediversity Jul 24, 2009

    "...members of the State Employees Association of North Carolina rallied in support of the president's plan"


    Did they manage to scare up more than 4 people this time?

    I'm still wondering what positions those 4 people hold in their local/state Democratic Party?

  • blake55fan Jul 24, 2009

    jet2rdu - Couldn't have said it better myself.

    If any of you recall...the stimulus was rushed through also. They presented the 1,000+ page bill to senators about 13 hours before the vote with the tagline..."Hey, people are losing their jobs...they need this stimulus now...not next week, not next month!!!". They voted without reading it...and it sat on Obama's desk while he was in Chicago for a 4 day weekend.

    Now, Rahm and Obama are demanding healthcare be voted on next week. I wonder what threats will be issued to the blue dog dems...forcing a vote. Then ol'Nancy can shout out, "We got the votes, we got the votes!!!" Fast forward, companies like BCBSNC and AETNA are in financial disarray...go bankrupt (maybe a bailout?), and leading to massive layoffs. Suddenly, this "change" has turned into a job killer.

  • mom2threecld Jul 24, 2009

    imatwork, uh, you aren't serious are you? obama isn't going to fix anything with national healthcare, he is going to RUIN the USA, not fix it.

  • ladyblue Jul 24, 2009

    I HOPE HE DOESN'T NEED A POLICE ESCORT!!! lol Lord knows, we wouldn't want him going on national television and saying RPD is stupid.

    LOL yep he's put pie on his face now. ............

  • ladyblue Jul 24, 2009

    I would prefer if he was taking a tour for economic reform and not health care. We got enough of his spending for a few months at least now. WE need a little break here.....

  • 5Rs Jul 24, 2009

    Obama should "recalibrate his words" on the non-healthcare non-reform bill. We can all make our own healthcare decisions better than any bureaucracy can. Medicare is broke, the prescription drug program is a disaster, he wants to add a trillion dollars more to reduce the cost? Once you get a government program you have it forever. We do not need one that gives government more control over our money and lives.