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Man facing charges after ramming truck into home

Posted June 30, 2009
Updated July 1, 2009

— An argument between Wendell neighbors led to a house being rammed with a truck. Police say Douglas Jones, 45, was upset over children walking in the middle of the street.

Home damaged after man hit it with truck Home damaged after man hit it with truck

It happened on June 13 after Jones claims some children threw a rock at his truck. Police say Jones then drove his truck into their house in the 500 block of Marshburn Road.

"(The) man just ran his truck into our house,” Dilbra Brewington said.

Brewington says her four children, and two grandchildren, were inside the house at the time.

Arkelle Montague, 15, says Jones was yelling racial slurs while his truck battered the wall of the house. The force caused boards to crack in half.

"It sounded like a whole lot of wood falling,” Montague said.

Police say Jones did not stop.

"He backed up and ran into the house again,” Wendell Police Chief Vance Johnson said.

While trying to run to safety, Brewington's 2-year-old grandson fell and hit his head, she says.

"He tried to mow them down out here (in the yard). They ran in the house. That is when he tried to come through the house,” Brewington said.

The altercation continued after the truck hit the house and one of the children pulled a knife, according to a police report. Brewington says the knife was for self defense.

Jones was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, ethnic intimidation, simple assault, damage to real property and carrying a concealed weapon. He is out of jail on bond and declined to comment Tuesday on the case.

The front of the house and the front porch were heavily damaged by the truck. Brewington says she remains frightened since Jones lives near her.

"I am not getting any sleep. I am really afraid because this guy (Jones) is like three doors down,” Brewington said.

Brewington says her family has been living in the house since January.  She is currently looking for a new place to live.


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  • thelewisclan Jul 8, 2009

    I don't know the kids, but I do know the man in the story. I worked for him for a short period of time - until he threw a metal trash can at one of his employees in the office when they were late. I don't think that the kids walking in the road is what caused him to snap - I think he's been that way for a good period of time. He has young children himself that are watching him act this way - there is never an excuse for driving a truck into someone's house - call the police if they are bothering you.

  • Winston Jul 1, 2009

    I just have one question. Are the children still walking down the middle of the street?

  • SweetB Jul 1, 2009



  • readme Jul 1, 2009

    This is wrong on so many levels. Let me tell you how this is supposed to work, which is what happened when I was a kid. I was a punk too. I threw a rock at a semitrailer and did some damage. He pulled over, chewed me out (minus the racial slurs), then knocked on my parents' door rather than ramming it. My dad beat my rear and made me pay for the window. Problem solved. His window was fixed, and my attitude was fixed. Then there was no more punk kid throwing rocks, no whiny parents who think their kids can't do wrong, and the truck driver handled himself with professionalism and is in no trouble. Contrast that to today. This guy had every right to be upset, but now he is going to jail because he overreacted. Punk kids get away with it and still roam the streets harassing drivers and probably themselves being racist punks. And then we have a parent who thinks her kids are golden and takes no responsibility at all.

  • Realthoughts Jul 1, 2009

    So agentm,

    What would you do in regards to the kids actions. Put your arm around then and tell them "you really shouldn't thow rocks at passing cars, now go out play in the street like good kids".

    Again both parties should have been charged, so as both parties know what they did wrong. The driver and the kids.

    Thowing water ballons is one thing, throwing rocks is another. Suppose the rocks they threw were to cause a driver to loose control and run over someone. Who would be at fault then.

    Why isn't WRAL asking about charges with kids? Given how the man snapped, it sounds like it has been an on-going thing.

  • agentm Jul 1, 2009

    it did not say that the kids were trouble makers at all..so why are people posting lies....and not facts...kids do stupid stuff ..doesnt mean they are going to turn out wrong or in jail and that tribal name calling remarks could have kept that to yourself.

  • bronzegoddess40 Jul 1, 2009

    I would like to know where in the story it is even mentioned that they kids were causing a disturbance in the neighborhood? If it is there, then somebody show me. It is just being said to justify the man ramming the house, not once but twice. And the name calling is just down right ignorant. What is a tribal like mook? LOL

  • agentm Jul 1, 2009

    no dont let them run around do whatever...how do you know we will be taking care of them....who is to say what will they be when they grow up...kids do stupid stuff.... so jimmycrack you cant predict the future of those kids....like i said before that does not justfi him running into someone house where he could have killed someone...so you your saying everytime someone does something wrong to you.. you are going to run into there house???? and the comments about them being in prison you dont know their future lots of kids start off doing crazy stuff and still turn out to do fine.

  • jimmycrackcorn Jul 1, 2009

    Sigh, just let them run free like the Feral kids they are. We will be taking care of them eventually down there at Central Prison.
    All the police will do will take a report, then the man will be harrassed even more, possibly hurt...anyone seen the Vids for "Don't Snitch"

  • agentm Jul 1, 2009

    I can't beleive people are justfing on what he did..ever heard of calling th police on the kids??? that is no exscuce he could have killed someone...then racial remarks un-called for.