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Proposal to reverse Wake budget cuts short-lived

Posted June 8, 2009

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A proposal that would reverse potential cuts in the Wake County budget was briefly before county commissioners Monday before being rescinded because of concerns that it was too difficult to make work.

Commissioner Stan Norwalk put forth a motion to amend the county's proposed budget to “preserve the quality of life in Wake County" by adding $28.5 million in funds.

But some commissioners said Monday there is no way to come up with the money without raising taxes – something the board has been adamant about not doing.

The proposal would have added $5.6 million to the human services budget, $2.7 million to the Wake County Public School System to preserve teacher jobs and $212,000 to keep Athens Drive Library open.

Norwalk also wanted to establish a temporary reserve of $20 million to deal with the uncertainties of the state budget, which hasn't been finalized.

The board, however, was only able to come up with $700,000 in cuts from capital projects.

"I think people recognize this is not the year to be raising taxes or spending funds that you don't have available," Commissioner Joe Bryan said. "That's exactly what's been proposed here today. It's a smoke and mirrors game, where we're proposing $28.5 million we don't have."

The board will meet again next week.


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  • fbfan Jun 9, 2009

    $212,000 to keep Athens Drive Library open? That's small change in respect to other expenditures. This library is an important part of our neighborhood, and the thought of it closing depresses me. Why can't the commissioners understand that the libraries are a fabric of many peoples lives? My thought is that they should cut the hours to all libraries in order to keep Athens Drive Library open. Why pick on this one library? It doesn't make sense.

  • town guy Jun 9, 2009

    You folks who are calling for the Commissioners and David Cooke to resign - do you know what you're saying? It seems that this crowd is doing exactly what the no-taxers want. Didn't they REJECT the Norwalk proposal?

  • time4real Jun 9, 2009

    Stan Norwalk defeated, PRICELESS!

  • luvbailey Jun 9, 2009

    What should we expect? Stan Norwalk is a foolish old man who has absolutely no business being a county commissioner.

  • PeaceOut2017 Jun 9, 2009

    My quality of life in Wake County won't change with all these "drastic", "draconian", "harsh" or whatever budget cuts. In fact I won't be affected by them at all. Should of made the cuts a long time ago

  • doright Jun 8, 2009

    Remind the Gov about her committment to the lottery when she case the tie-breaking vote.

  • NE Raleigh Jun 8, 2009

    How about cutting Free and Reduced Lunch and ESL, free social services for illegals an d other programs that cater to illegals? Just a thought.

  • whatelseisnew Jun 8, 2009

    The main problem with the Wake County school system is they have too much money. They keep attempting to expand their role. Just this year they wanted money for Gang prevention. That is not their role nor their responsibility. On top of that, they are unable to perform their core role in a way that is the slightest bit acceptable. The problems are not all with the system; however the system is broken and needs to be closed and recreated.

  • whatelseisnew Jun 8, 2009

    OhBella - so what percentage in your mind is enough? Once I factor in my property taxes, I am close to 45 percent. I do not know about you, but in my view that is too much. Particularly when you examine the conditions of things. The State is mired in Debt, the Federal Government has us hugely in debt for generations to come. If they took 100 percent of all income, they still would borrow more. This state has been exceedingly stupid. They raised taxes in prior years claiming budget holes and then at the same time added programs. Currently the Feds are working in the same stupid mindset. My property taxes have more than doubled in the last five years, yet the school system which eats most of the budget is abysmal and needs to be closed. This norwalk guy should resign due to terminal stupidity.

  • OhBella Jun 8, 2009

    I laugh when people write, "I pay enough taxes as it is." What would be a fair amount? NO ONE thinks they underpay taxes...sorry..I just find humor in this! I do support a slight tax increase but I do mean slight.